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Back on November 30th, 2020, I purchased 4 Kessil lights as well as 1 Wifi dongle to control the lights. My total purchase price was …

So it all started when I asked my mom’s friend Lilliana to look at people per hour to see if I could find a lawyer …

I have the same letter as the person before me on this guy.. I have no knowledge of this loan or have ever been contacted …

My AC went out in September. A repairman came and ordered parts I paid for the service call and parts, but they were back ordered …

Acct # , Docket #, Warrant #, Loan Date, and Amount all the same as previous complaints!!!! Received email from Paul Anderson Atty in San …

Kiffany N. Cody from Georgia promoted an illegal pyramid scheme that she knew was illegal. She said its not illegal tho because she doesn’t want …

I offered to assist this scumbag in relation to dealing with two angry men he owed money to. The man is a liar pretending to …

While online Christmas shopping I saw a Facebook ad for women’s “Winter Plush, Warm Super Stretch Thick Leggings” and decided to buy (2) pair, one …

Beware!! “Baba Siete” is a manipulative cult leader. He preys on Black women and young gay men. His victims are mainly people who are interested …

In October of 2020 I hired Samra Knezevic to be a nurse for my disabled elderly father. For safety precautions I had installed hidden cameras …

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Billing Scammers! This is a complete SHAM business with shady business practices! They have sent numerous unwanted and fraudulent billing notifications to my business threatening …

I received 2 packs of alcohol wipes in which I did not order. I was charged $19.99 on my PayPal account which I will be …

DHB Support charged my credit card for $8.73 and I have no idea how they did it. I have no idea who they are and …

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John Stone
John Stone
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Filed a report, and it showed up on 1st page of Google! This let me feel assured others would see this persons shady business practices before getting involved like I did! Thanks for the help 🙂
Kylie Steinburg
Kylie Steinburg
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Unfortunately I had experienced some very terrible customer service, and am just super thankful this website gave me a voice and ground to stand on. Feels good to hold them accountable!
Mike Downey
Mike Downey
Read More
After being ripped off or scammed it really can leave you feeling helpless. If we join together here, we can help to shed light on these terrible people who think its okay to take advantage of us.
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