Fraudulent Scammers Targeting the Elderly


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Fraudulent Scammers Targeting the Elderly

It is quite unfortunate that the elderly section of society is most vulnerable to be a target of frauds. What makes the elderly a soft target for frauds and con artists is the fact that they are more likely to be lonely and trusting, in comparison to others. There are a number of tactics that are used by fraudulent scammers to rip off the elderly with their money or possessions. One of the most common ways in which they are targeted by frauds is through telemarketing calls. The other most common tactics to win the trust of the elderly and then scam them is through door to door services.

These fraudulent scammers are somehow able to win the trust of the elderly over phone or face to face and then persuade them to buy what they have for them. Once they win their trust, these frauds can sell any idea to their elderly victims; from a fake insurance policy, a credit card or investment scheme, a donation for charity, a health product to a lucrative contest.

Frauds that have an expertise at making the elderly their victim change strategies as per the situation. For instance, an imposter can use sympathy and a friendly approach to win the trust of an elderly couple, whereas; if the situation arises the same person can play the fear card to target the elderly. 

In the recent years, most of the frauds that have been reported by the elderly are either related to Medicare or counterfeit prescription drugs. In such cases, the fraudsters pose as one of the representatives of the Medicare administration and deliriously seek the personal information of their targets. 

On the whole, when it comes to scams related to the elderly, most of the scammers are likely to play on the emotions of their victims. Other than this strategy, a tactic that always saves them being caught is the fact that they use money transferring services like Western Union or MoneyGram to receive their money. It quite well known that once the payment has been made by the elderly victims using any of these platforms, the process can neither by reversed nor cancelled; leaving the victim deceived.

An Elderly Neighbor Who Became a Victim of a Home Repair Fraud:

“Three months back, a man visited my neighbor’s house and convinced him to use his home-repair services at decent prices. He inspected the home and made a list of things that needed to be covered with estimates. In all his vulnerability, my neighbor readily gave him some advance to arrange for the materials needed for repair. This was it! The fraudulent scammer had got what he wanted and my neighbor never saw or heard back from him after that day.”     -Anonymous Contributor

Scams like these that target the elderly are quite common everywhere in the world. So, if you know someone who has been ripped off in a similar fashion or you yourself have been a victim of any such scam then you can file a report at Ripoff Scams and help to alert others!

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