LetGo Scams- Don’t Get Caught Up

letgo scams

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LetGo Scams- Don’t Get Caught Up

Online websites for classified advertisements like Craigslist or LetGo are hubs for scammers who are constantly on the prowl for vulnerable victims who they can manipulate into divulging their sensitive information like card details, addresses and phone numbers, while ripping them off of money. Scammers are very innovative in the modern market, and they utilize various tricks and schemes to dupe people out of money that they had probably spent their whole lives saving. Such websites are not only risky for buyers, but even sellers can be made to suffer with promises of fake payments. Both parties need to be aware of such dangers that LetGo scams possess and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. The following narrative will help you realize how real such scams are and that you can actually lose considerable amounts of money.

How Meghan lost her entire savings of 10 years owing to a LetGo scam

Meghan is an avid collector of rare comic books and she has a prized collection. However, comic books are rare items and not all editions that are truly worth something, are available on the usual forums or platforms that sell comic books. In order to find something truly wonderful, it is important to be active on classified advertisement websites, so as to be able to pick up rare comic books that owners sell once it becomes a collector’s edition. It is due to this habit of hers that Meghan came across an advertisement that promised to sell a very rare comic book in mint-condition, which Meghan had yearned for since she started nurturing her habit of collecting rare comic books. Meghan is a graphic designer by profession and over the 10 years of her professional career, she has accumulated substantial wealth through her job. After seeing the advertisement, Meghan started talking with the seller and they struck out a deal. While transferring the funds to the seller, my sister noticed that the money was not being sent. Upon informing the same to the seller, the seller casually asked for the card number and CVV of Meghan’s card, so that he could talk with his bank to inquire whether any payments from that CVV and card number has been received or blocked. Meghan, being the unsuspecting and innocent person that she is gave this sensitive information to the seller and soon enough saw the entire balance in her account, which was somewhere around $18,000 being deducted. Upon trying to contact the seller again, Meghan was only met with an account that had been taken down and an unresponsive chat box. She is still trying to get her bank to find some way of refunding the money back to her, but situations remain bleak and chances are that she will never get that money back. Therefore, it is very important that a careful eye is kept out for such occasions and scammers using LetGo advertisements to dupe people can be avoided at all costs.

Protecting yourself from LetGo scams

There are certain red flags that you need to notice every time you deal with classified advertisement websites. These include people who are trying to impersonate, people who are trying to offer you unrealistic offers, people who are requesting money to be sent via cash, money orders, check or money transfers, people who are vague about the items that they are selling, and people who ask for your personal information over such platforms. However, if you have still fallen victim to such a LetGo scam, it is important that you realize that this happened because you were uninformed. The lack of awareness caused you to fall prey to such a scammer and it is important that you raise awareness so that nobody else becomes a similar victim. By visiting our website Ripoff Scams, you can report in details regarding the scam that took place with you and raise awareness regarding the issue, so that nobody else has to suffer the same consequences as you or Meghan. Stop scammers by educating others. 

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