Reddit Scams- Be on the Lookout

reddit scams

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Reddit Scams- Be on the Lookout

Reddit is one of the highest ranking web forums attracting an endless number of users worldwide. But, like most online platforms, Reddit too poses a risk of being exposed to hackers. One of the biggest and most common Reddit scams is the ones that have something to do with crowdfunding. You will never figure out the difference between genuine crowdfunding campaign and a crowdfunding campaign that is nothing but a scam. Reddit scams involving crowdfunding campaigns are designed to make money, but never deliver to the cause it promotes. 

Off lately, certain communities of Reddit subscribers have started to spread awareness about Reddit scams, in order to alert people of many such fraud crowdfunding campaigns on the forum. It’s absolutely surprising to see how scammers stage a fake campaign to rip off people and make lots of money in a very short time. The internet is a very powerful medium, and scams like these are testament to its dark side. The reason why Reddit scams like these continue to rip off victims is the fact that there is no accountability of scammers. 

Another type of Reddit scam involves message scams that are intended to steal your confidential information. These types of Reddit scams become successful just by clicking on the links sent by the scammer. When you open links sent on scam messages, you are most likely to be directed to a new page where your personal information is compromised. In order to keep yourself protected against Reddit scams like these, you should block or report any suspicious scam messages and never open the links sent in it. 

Many of the scams found on Reddit are of a similar nature to that found on other digital platforms, such as; Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Scammers are experts at manipulating their victims to fall prey to the trap laid out by them, and the best you can do to stay away from them is to be alert with anyone you are interacting on the internet. Shunning web forums like Reddit is not a solution to avoid being victimized by scammers, but you need be very careful about with whom you are sharing your personal information with on any online platform. 

A Reddit Scam Luring the User to Reduce his Credit Card Debt:

A few days back, I read a Facebook post about a Reddit scam that had almost tricked a man by offering a reduced credit card debt. The scammer tricked the victim into a conversation about his finances, obviously wanting something in return. The chat showed how the scammer offered the man a reduced credit card debt, by giving an example of his personal situation. But, ultimately this man refused to share his account details and saved himself from becoming a victim of his fraud. 

If you have experienced something similar or know someone in your close circle who has been a victim of a Reddit scam, then you can file your report at Ripoff Scams, and alert others leading by your example!

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