Scam Numbers & Phone Scams

scam numbers phone scams

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Scam Numbers & Phone Scams

A lot of people lose considerable amounts of money owing to phone scams, which may at times even be the savings they had accrued over life. Scammers have devised numerous methods to defraud a person through scam numbers and ripping you off of money via the phone. The tactfulness of friendly behavior and empathetic attitudes are often the common ways in which these swindlers take your money away from you, while others use methods that are meant to scare and frighten you. Certain scammers even impersonate telemarketers and make you pay for things that you don’t need or want, by convincing you that you do. It is a viable threat and the following recollection will help you realize that scam phone numbers can prove to be the cause of you losing out on your life’s savings unless and until you are careful about them.

How my friend’s uncle almost lost the entirety of his life’s savings?

My friend’s uncle, Joseph is an 80-year-old war veteran who lives alone in his farmhouse in Kentucky. One morning he received a call from a person claiming to be with Microsoft Windows, the computer service provider my friend’s uncle is associated with. The person claimed that there have been breaches of security with his computer and convinced him to get his PC connected remotely with the other person over the call. Although, Joseph was a bit anxious owing to the fact that the person talking to him sounded Indian, he went ahead with the process. Once connected, the caller showed it to Joseph, how his computer was severely damaged and that he needed to immediately pay for a security protection package, so that Windows can mitigate the damages caused. The caller was convincing enough to make Joseph give up his card details and before he could realize he saw a charge of $500 having been deducted from his card. Upon asking the caller, he responded saying that it was the usual charge that has been deducted for the service, and that the discounted balance (yes, the caller had even offered Joseph a discount, only to convince him into giving out his card details) would be refunded into the account within a day or two. However, instead of refunding the money, Joseph had another $500 deducted from his account the next day. This got him really anxious and upon calling the number he had received the initial call from, he found out that it had come from a rerouted number, and the source was somewhere in Pakistan. Joseph immediately blocked his card and asked his bank to issue refunds for the previously deducted payments. Although, he was able to save his life’s savings, not everybody is as quick on their feet or as lucky. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself from such cases of frauds done using scam numbers, by learning to identify the warning signs.

Protecting yourself from scam numbers

The first key to protecting yourself from scam phone numbers is to recognize the signals that indicate something fishy. These include promises of a prize upon payment of a certain amount. Nobody gives a prize in return of payment. If callers claim to be federal officers or law enforcement officials and threaten you of punishment, remember that no officers of the law are allowed to threaten or intimidate you and the caller is most probably a scammer. If the caller asks you to pay using gift cards or to wire transfer cash, chances are that the person is a scammer. Remember, no government agency calls you directly to verify sensitive information that belongs to you. Keeping an eye out for such signs is the best way in which you can avoid being scammed by phony numbers.

The final step that you can take to raise awareness regarding the dangers of scam phone numbers and save others from falling into the trap of the same promises that had been made to you, we encourage you to come visit Ripoff Scams and elaborate upon the event that took place with you. By reporting about your incident on this platform, you will be able to save countless other people from being scammed and will thwart the efforts of these untrustworthy people at the very root. Stay aware and make others aware as well.

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