Secret Shopper Scams Claiming More Victims

secret shopper scams

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Secret Shopper Scams Claiming More Victims

In order to ascertain and evaluate the quality of products and services that their different branches provide, many companies hire secret shoppers who would go in anonymously into a particular branch, experience the products and services provided there and write a report and submit it to the company in exchange of cash remunerations. However, this has also created the scope for scammers and fraudsters to manipulate people into opting for fake jobs and losing out on a lot of money. In order to best understand the implications of secret shopper scams, please read the following account that is based on a real event.

How Jack became part of a mystery shopper scam

Back in 2015, Jack had just quit his job and was taking some time to evaluate and decide upon his future when he came across a job posting that was looking for mystery shoppers. The posted job was from WalMart and the remunerations that were being offered for the job were quite exorbitant. Jack, who was not yet ready for a full-time job, found this idea to be lucrative and decided to make some extra money by becoming a secret shopper. The job post asked him to visit a website whose link had been provided. Upon visiting this website, Jack found it to be quite genuine, as it seemed like a normal sign-up page created by WalMart. In order to activate his employment the website asked for different sensitive information belonging to Jack, especially those belonging to his bank account. The reason stated behind this was that the company needed to register the bank account where they would transfer the remuneration that Jack has earned owing to his secret shopper activities. Unsuspicious of anything fishy, Jack provided his bank details and soon enough he was redirected to another page, which stated that he would have to provide a one-time-password being sent to his phone number to activate his employment. Still not suspecting anything, Jack provided the OTP in the page and was immediately met with a text message from his bank stating that his account has been debited of some of its money. It was now that it dawned upon Jack that he had been swindled and fallen prey to a secret shopper scam. 

Protecting yourself from mystery shopper scams

There are certain precautionary steps that you can adhere to as a secret shopper in order to ensure that you do not embroil yourself in a scam. These steps involve conducting a thorough research about the company and their secret shopper policies, making sure not to wire money to a person you are not acquainted with, making sure not to deposit a check for a person you are not acquainted with, making sure to never give out personal or financial information pertaining to you over an online platform. However, if you have yet been duped by a secret shopper scam the next best thing that you can do is raise awareness regarding the event. By raising awareness, you help others like you protect themselves from such scammers. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our website Ripoff Scams, a platform where different people come and share their stories of actual scams and help raise awareness and help make the world a safer place.

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