What is a Con Artist?

what is a con artist

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What is a Con Artist?

Very often we hear about people being robbed by a “close friend” or some criminal activity that was performed by a person “known” to the victim. Con artists are people who can influence and convince people easily. They use this as an advantage to lure people into believing that they and their scams are genuine and that they are the most trustworthy people around. A con artist first works on getting to know you and all about you. They keep a close eye on their targets and understand your behavior and how you think. Their next step is winning your confidence. Once they know that you trust them, they finally begin to execute their plan after which they simply vanish and are practically impossible to trace.

Megan’s case is one such example

Megan was a normal girl with a nice job and lived a simple life. This new guy John who had recently joined the office seemed pretty taken up with her and often joined her for lunch and offered to drop her home. Within a couple of months they became good friends.

He then told her about his dreams and ambitions about starting his own company and how he had been looking for a person who could be a trustworthy business partner and Megan was just the right person. She loved the idea and agreed to join him. For a month they went around gathering all the necessary information and then finally sat down to discuss how much each of them would have to invest.  They had to pay $30,000 to Mr. Philip who was going to give them an office on rent which included all necessary assets. Megan said that she had only $13,000 at that moment to which John agreed readily and said he would pay the rest provided that Megan returns it to him later. They met Mr. Philip and gave him the money.  The next morning John was missing and so was Mr. Philip. She filed a complaint against them but they were nowhere to be found.

How to identify a con artist?

Not all nice people are con artists. However, these tips can help you be weary of cons around you:

  • Forced teaming though they are strangers- They share a lot about themselves though you have recently met and give you elaborative details about themselves and their plans.
  • They are too nice!- Con artists generally appear to have a very pleasing personality and seem nice and generous.
  • Always offering small helps- Helping somebody is the best way to get close to them. Con artists use loan sharking as their weapon. They will offer to do small odd jobs for you or help you in something while expecting a great favor from you in return.
  • They will just not back off!- No matter how much you show them that you do not wish to interact with them or do not want to accept their favors, they will still shower you with generosity and show you that they are down to earth and genuine.


Do not let new people become a part of your life easily and do not just trust anybody!  Keeping your guards up is the only way to keep yourself safe from con artists. They can be anywhere!

If you have had a similar experience or have been conned by a con artist in the past, report the scam at Ripoff Scams.

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