Report Filed: Carpet Cleaning by psycho!!

Carpet Cleaning by psycho

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Carpet Cleaning by psycho!!

Michael Dale Dodd, aka Michael D. Dodd, Michael Justice, Michael Love and at least 200 other hacked and cloaned facebook page names is a violent career criminal with a family of felons.  He has ignored a Cease and Desist order and is now facing multiple criminal and civil actions including investigation by the IRS and FBI for failure to pay taxes, impersonating a federal agent, making false claims, animal abuse, slander, fraud, stalking and collecting welfare funds for daughters children while claiming no source of income.  Wake up Winter Haven Florida.  These are your neighbors. Please share this to everyone.  They need to know to









HTTP://  1  social-media-prostitution-stings-guns

Daughter Brittany Michael Dodd, aka felon s**t daughter BritBrit

Among the felons  arrested was Brittany Michelle Dodd, of Lakeland, who was charged with 3 counts of child neglect,, 3 counts of child abandonment and 3 counts of child abuse. Judd said during the investigation deputies discovered  her three children were left in the care of men “they didn’t  even know” while their mother Brittany Dodd traveled  to an undisclosed location to “derive proceeds from prostitution. ” Subsequently, the children were “dropped off somewhere”, and their mother had no idea where they were when we found  them, the sheriff’s said.  Brittand Michele Dodd (BritBrit) was charged with prostitution, 3 counts of child neglect , 3 counts of child abuse, 3 counts of child abandonment.

Prostitution felony suspects arrested after posting photos on Facebook with high powered automatic weapons By Jerriann Sullivan, Orlando Sentinel, May 15, 2013

Two Central Florida women who were snared in a January prostitution sting were arrested Monday after bragging about guns on their social-media accounts, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Felons Brittany Michele Dodd, 25, of Winterhaven, and Maylee Rossi, 27, of Davenport posted photos of themselves on Facebook holding semi-automatic rifles. They are prohibited from possessing firearms because they are convicted felons. Brittany (BritBrit) Michele Dodd was convicted in 2007 of felony charges of trafficking in stolen property and giving false information to a pawnbroker.

And now for Michael Dale Dodds Felon live in girlfriend with two illegitimate kids who stole over $35,000.00 from her own employer – Diana Cumbest, aka, Diana  L. Cumbest, Diana L. Dobb, Diana L. Dodd. http://mugshots.comus-counties/florida/polk-country-FL/Diana-L-Cumbest.1901659.html

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4 Comments Carpet Cleaning by psycho

  1. cupid

    General Consumer

    Randy Alyne Boles a dark loser Warrior from Sullivan, Ohio proven animal molesting pervert, drunken crack smoking Master Manipulating Narcissistic Sociopath Incarcerated Ohio State Prison 5 years as Inmate Number W077414, created these false treads and reports.
    Convicted Felon Randy Alyne Neumann Boles post false State of Florida Arrest Records
    Convicted Felon Randy Neumann Boles has posted false misleading arrest records of Michael Dale Dodd on this report , She has altered State of Florida records , Michael Dale Dodd does not have any felon arrest ever in his life of evening being arrested , We researched Michael Dale Dodd so called criminal history and found he has never had any felon arrest period as these report falsely has posted ,
    All Domestic Battery charges was all dropped on Michael Dale Dodd by the State of Florida because self defense as we read arrest record affidavits where he fought his Grandchildren fathers which are drug dealer street thugs , protecting these children .Michael Dale Dodd has never been arrested for three counts of child neglect , although we found his daughter Brittany Dodd was charge for this in a convicted felon case having a firearm and those child neglect charges was unfounded and dropped on her,
    Polk County Sheriff Dept, when arrest are made they also add charges of such these child neglect charges on Brittany Dodd was dropped , The convicted felon with a firearm was not dropped and guilt was admitted in court , Michael Dale Dodd possession with intent to sell – schedule 2 drug is also other bogus computer created charge .
    The Cody Mason Poissant- Hassell seems to be correct for these charges and found guilty , The allegations of Alania Stevens Hassell welfare fraud is also a bogus created posting , most likely Convicted Felon Randy Alyne Boles made this false report on these individuals Michael Dale Dodd and Alania Stevens Hassell using other family members that indeed do have felon lifetime arrest records.
    Michael Dale Dodd and Alania Stevens Hassell had never had felon arrest , This is typical behavior from a narcissistic sociopath master manipulator Convicted Felon such Randy Neumann Boles from Sullivan ,Ohio , We have Screen Shots that show the real arrest of Michael Dale Dodd and these battery cases dropped by the State of Florida ,Showing this Con Woman is a liar committing a felon posting altered State of Florida records

  2. cupid

    General Consumer
    Dominick Tambone@ Foxies Fund – Crystal Tech Inc.
    Crystal Tech Inc.@ Dominick Tambone – Foxies Fund
    Crystal Tech Inc.
    P.O. Box 1442 in Norcross, Georgia 30091
    Tax ID Number : 81-1086250
    Non – Profit Organization – Fiber Optics

  3. cupid

    General Consumer

    Dominick Tambone @ Foxies Fund – Crystal Tech Inc. — fraudulent funding organization and fiber optic business
    This dishonest man Dominick Tambone is, owner of the Foxies Fund Inc a non-profit 501c3 scamming Inc and Crystal Tech Inc, a Fiber Optic company from Norcross Georgia, Not recommended for hiring or biding on your job needing done, You be overcharged, items stolen from you job site or home or even attacked. Here is one story about him and his fraudulent Army with attempts to cover up fraud. Dominick Tambone cared less about having other people attacked wrongfully with threats to harm, reputations destroyed and businesses. Over 3 years ago a Foxies Fund group admin Randy Boles alias Randi Mee (Gillian Algoode) convicted past Inmate Number W077414 Ohio Prison on Facebook wrongfully accused Michael and his wife of reporting a fraudulent Go Fund Me and You Caring accounts. There have been other people, Brendolyn J Cole attacked by the Foxie’s Fund Inc. and Facebook group, Dominick Tambone is well aware of these attacks and promotes them. He calls his group a Army (Armies Kill) We investigated the Foxies Fund Inc. and group ourselves and discovered some of the pets they are asking funds for are not legit and bogus setups. Member clients and hookers are involved in this fraud activity. We also witness a past member Brendolyn J Cole posted on a comment that she had her debit card over charged, as they donated a one-time donation of $50.00 and then over the next few months money at the sum of $250.00 extra was being taken off the debit card without approval from Brendolyn J Cole in which she had to cancel that debit card to stop the fraud from her account. Brendolyn J Cole was also attacked in a video on the Foxies Fund facebook group using her first name and claiming she, Olaf Rodgers, Heinz Maak, Renee Maak and Widea* Jan was hurting the puppies, Dominick also attack a scam report for the first scam report #1288070 made on him and Foxies Fund for not representing a official 501c3 which in turn the You – Tube video Important Message for All Members caused violent backlash on Brendolyn J Cole that was being scammed out of money. Brendolyn J Cole was actually attacked and stalked at her home, Liz Harrison a one time friend of Brendolyn J Cole gave her address and phone number out only five people had that information and Liz Harrison was the only person involved in dog groups having this information, Randy Boles, Liz Harrison and Beverly Murphy alias Art Smith are all good Facebook fraudulent friends and work as a scam team. Brendolyn J Cole claims to have Police reports to prove this activity as well as her banking statement showing unauthorized deductions from her debit card, Michael has shown his police reports on death threats Art Smith had tampered with the pay pal donation buttons on the web page she created and that pay pal station was not a secure pay station, Michael also received death threats via phone and private messages and these were also reported to the proper authorities as well and Michael has the screenshots of these attacks as proof and evidence. Past Foxies Fund Admin Randy Boles alias Randi Mee (Gillian Algoode) convicted past Inmate Number W077414 Ohio Prison still to this day continue attacks on Michael’s family including members that have nothing to do with any kind of dog groups or this drama on Facebook. Recently they attack a Mike Jones in their Face Book group Foxies Fund, first using his Dog name Zeus to collect funds on, They would not even accepted Mike Jones as a member, After Art Smith & Dominick Tambone scammed him only paying 200 dollars on Zeus vet bill, Mike Jones questioned collect and found out thru pay pal a lot more had been collected on Zeus than Art Smith & Dominick Tambone was telling him, Mike Jones as also told a Michael Dale Dodd was attacking his Go Fund Me, When fact it was Dominick Tambone’s fraudulent army of supporters attacking Mike’s funding trying to have other give donation to Art Smith & Dominick Tambone, Saying not t trust Mike Jones collecting for his own Dog Zeus diverting funding from Zeus to their pockets instead. Not only this the unauthorized used of Tito’s Handmade Vodka name calling this company a partner, when fact is Tito’s Handmade Vodka did not give a Foxies Fund consent to use their name as a partner another Art Smith & Dominick Tambone lie to scam others, Tito’s Handmade Vodka also helps many 501c3 charities and dogs in need this is a great charity cause this company does. The credibility of this Norcross, Georgia non-profit organization, Art Smith, Dominick Tambone, Randy Boles, Casey Holt & Steve Ereth & Liz Harrison was nothing but a rip off set up to begin with. Gloria Pech Khalil was their latest victim, Art and the group collecting 1000s on her Dog Dior. Only to keep the money collected for Dior and blocking Gloria Pech Khalil from the Facebook group, Gloria never receive one dime for Dior, Dominick Tambone clamed all money was collected in the Facebook group Foxies Fund this was a lie, These individuals should be arrested for the crimes they have committed and shut down as a 501c3.
    IRS complaint form 13909 will be filed so on this dishonest Norcross, Georgia 501C3 and crooked owner Dominick Tambone
    No person running a legit 501c3 charity or business should be involved in this type behavior or conduct
    Dominick Tambone@ Foxies Fund – Crystal Tech Inc.
    Crystal Tech Inc.@ Dominick Tambone – Foxies Fund
    Crystal Tech Inc.
    P.O. Box 1442 in Norcross, Georgia 30091
    Tax ID Number : 81-1086250
    Non – Profit Organization – Fiber Optics

  4. cupid

    General Consumer

    Lynne D Hackney and Brenda Fisher at Cloud 9 Pomeranians Mississippi Brenda Fisher, Danny Fisher, Lynne Allen Hackney, Lynne Rita Duhe, Lin Rahm Hackney, Lynne D Duhe., Miles Allen, Brenda Lynn Allen Lynne Hackney alias Brenda Fisher on Facebook owner of Cloud 9 Pomeranian Puppy Mill Convicted Felon Animal Abuser Carriere / Picayune Mississippi
    Lynne Hackney alias Brenda Fisher on Facebook owner of Cloud 9 Pomeranian Puppy Mill, was arrested Back in October 10 2014 Lynne Hackney alias Brenda Fisher on Facebook was busted with 30 Pomeranians along with 70 Australian Cattle Dogs for animal abuse and neglect.

    The feces was two inches thick the dogs cages and the urine acid was so bad it was eating away at some of the dogs faces. Lynne Hackney alias Brenda Fisher owner of the once Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs from Carrriee, Mississippi is probably the worse animal abuser in Mississippi history. We have track some of the Pomeranians down that was involved in the raid which resulted in arrest of Lynne Hackney and Miles Allen. Lynne Hackney change her name to Brenda Fisher where she continue to sell Dogs and became involved with scammer Sherron Boudreau.

    There is no doubt with verified evidence that Brenda Fisher’s real name is Lynne Hackney from Carriere / Picayune Mississippi, , a convicted felon animal abuser of 70 Australian Cattle Dogs and 30 Pomeranians, Known on Facebook as Brenda Fisher, .Lynne Hackney and Miles Allen owners of Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs breeding puppy mill business in 2014 was raided and shut down by Pearl River County Sheriff’s Dept and Picayune Police Dept .from Mississippi.

    Most of the dogs seized were purebred Australian Cattle Dogs and were found in crates with “at least two if not more inches dry or wet feces if they had been urinated on, ” in two un-ventilated sheds on the property. The owner and breeder of the 100 neglected dogs who were ultimately seized was AKC Breeder of Merit Lynne Hackney also known on Facebook now as Brenda Fisher owner of Cloud 9 Pomeranians.

    Brenda Fisher ( Real Name Lynne Hackney ) has falsely attacked many others on Facebook, Making false scam reports and false allegations, She is a master forger and web page builder as we know from the Tammy Hobbs case where Brenda Fisher forged false court appearance documents of this Deland Florida Breeder Shambam Pets also creating false reports to scam report and to the Better Business Bureau on Tammy Hobbs, Brenda Fisher has also attacked Hero rescue people like Michael Dale Dodd making false defamation of character reports on his Business, Family and Dogs, Creating a web page called maddoggurudodo on weebly that had visual and verbal post suggesting to harm and kill little Chihuahuas, Her close friend convicted felon Randy Alyne Boles from Sullivan, Ohio ( Randi Mee on Facebook) and Sherron Boudreau owner of Sherron’s Crafts from Inverness, Florida helped hand this awful web page link out of abusing Dogs.

    Brenda Fisher (Real Name Lynne Hackney ) a convicted felon animal abuser and owner of now Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Mississippi is a good person to stay clear of, We have provided links and screen shots of proof of the abuse of these evil individuals

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