Report Filed: D United Logistics Movers & Storage, Inc- Barbara Kay and Josephine Klein- Horrible Service, Theft, Damage, Lies, and So Much More! Woodland Hills, California!!

D United Logistics Movers & Storage, Inc

Barbara Kay and Josephine Klein

Woodland Hills, California

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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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D United Logistics Movers & Storage, Inc- Barbara Kay and Josephine Klein- Horrible Service, Theft, Damage, Lies, and So Much More! Woodland Hills, California!!

My wife and I were re-locating from California to Texas and we scheduled our move on 2/3/2020 for pick-up on 2/22/2020 and delivery promised on 2/28/2020 through aforementioned broker. To make things easier to follow, I will try and timeline the events that transpired below:

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Waited all day with no contact of any kind from Barbara Kay or the driver.
Called broker to help me get in touch with Barbara Kay/D United.
Received a call from Barbara Kay around 6:00pm to inform me there was a scheduling error and we will have to wait for our belongings to be picked up on Monday 2/24/2020 at 5:30pm PST.
I was promised the delivery date will remain the same.
I was also promised we would be compensated for the cost of the cleaning crew we hired to come on Sunday.
I was promised all aspects of the original order would be honored.

Monday, February 24th, 2020
No communication or update received throughout the day.
Called Barbara Kay to obtain confirmation on pick-up around 5:00pm PST, no answer.
Was called by Barbara Kay around 6:00pm PST to let me know that the driver was running late and will be there for delivery around 8:00pm PST.
Was told by the driver Junior (unsure if that was his real name) that the original work order we paid for was not going to be enough to take the items we needed.
Called Barbara Kay and asked how this could be, she told me to “not worry” just “load all your items onto the truck” and “she will be sure we are taken care of”.
Items loaded onto truck were not properly inventoried, when asking why I was told “this is fine, just indicates you had XXX amount of boxes”.
Loaded items onto truck, then were told we would need to pay an additional $1,460 to transport them to Texas. This was after “she did what she could” to ensure we were “taken care of”.
Was then told that she could not guarantee our original delivery date of 2/28/2020, but “she would do her absolute best”.
We also have a strong belief that our sons Beats headphones were stolen by one of the drivers that were loading up our furniture since they conveniently went “missing” during the time they were unsupervised in our house wrapping/moving our furniture and items. As you read more, you won’t be surprised at our assumption.

Friday, February 28th, 2020
Contracted Driver called me earlier in the day to confirm he would be showing up later in the evening for delivery of our belongings.
Contracted Driver called me an hour before delivery (around 7:30pm CST).
Contracted Driver arrived around 8:30pm CST demanded that we paid him $1,416 dollars before he would unload his truck (said it was “company policy” & it must be in cash); before we were able to see the condition of our items or ensure accuracy to what was being delivered. They would not open the truck unless this money was paid. So, we, of course, paid it.
Contracted Driver unloaded our belongings, installed what they needed, and then proceeded to tell me we were missing several items and they weren’t sure where they were. He told me that this was all that was in the warehouse for him to pick up. We were missing items, such as: a 3-piece large couch, our daughter’s dresser, our sons’ dressers, our personal dresser, our entertainment center, 10 boxes, and 2 totes.
Contracted Driver told me that this kind of stuff happens all the time with brokers and also with D United Logistics & Movers, that we weren’t the first victim.
Contracted Driver told me that he wasn’t surprised we are having more issues like this, especially with the condition our boxes were in when they picked it up from the warehouse.
Contracted Driver had me sign paperwork that indicated more items were missing or not properly inventoried.
Called Barbra after hearing what they said, and she calmly told me “oh, all your stuff is in the warehouse, we have a truck that will be coming Sunday to pick up your items, and you will have them delivered on Thursday or Friday next week.” After my much-vented frustration, she repeated what she had said, reassured me nothing was “missing” just unable to fit on the truck for delivery initially (as she had promised the broker and I both). No earlier communication regarding this was given to me, even though it sounded like she had already known.
Asked Barbara Kay for copies of all documents I have with them to confirm inventory of my belongings, insurance information and to check what they actually had me sign (this has still never been received).
After unpacking our boxes the contracted driver delivered, we had noticed SEVERAL (if not all!) our boxes had been opened. We came to find that we were missing personal items such as: several high-end watches, coach purses, (2) iPad’s, and inventory from a business I operate, total costs were around $10,000 – $15,000 dollars in missing personal and business belongings.
Not to mention the disgusted and violated feeling of having other random people go through your personal belongings, even my wife’s underwear box – like, really!?
Called Barbara back, no answer.
Called Kaufman County Sherrif’s Department – filed a police report.

Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Broker got back to me in complete and utter surprise with everything going on.
Broker told me that he would process a full refund of the $1,070 that I originally paid with them to schedule the move.
Broker said he would be making a report with the BBB and DOT regarding Barbara Kay and D United Logistics & Movers.
Broker said he would be sure I would receive all the money back regarding the moving costs, in what way or another.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers.
Monday, March 2nd, 2020
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
After texting the broker for an update, they had requested an itemized list of what we believe is missing as of right now with a combined dollar amount.
I provided the list, no further communication or updates.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
I texted the broker back confirming the information I sent was good enough, was told it was.
I texted the broker asking for confirmation on the delivery of the rest of our “missing/forgotten” belongings on Friday since I haven’t heard anything further from anyone. No further updates were given as they heard nothing back from Barbara Kay.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers.

Thursday, March 5th, 2020
Broker updated me that he was trying to obtain confirmation of delivery on the rest of our items. However, no further updates were given to him. He would keep trying and let me know.
8:46pm CST and no delivery of our items to be seen and no further contact was provided by Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers.
Called Barbra and she told me “oh the driver said they ran into a snag and wasn’t able to deliver today. They will be there Friday afternoon”. I asked her why I never received an update and she said: “The drivers should be the one to give you updates 48 hours in advanced.” I said I never received any update or call of any kind except for when I am calling right now. I also asked her if this is normal treatment of their customers and she said: “no, things like this never happen for anyone else”. I asked her to confirm the time for delivery and she said: “It should be there tomorrow (Friday) afternoon or Saturday morning, that’s what the driver told me”. Because I didn’t want to argue any further and have already lost complete and utter respect and patience for her, I just told her thank you and goodbye.
I inquired about the items stolen from us and was told by Barbara Kay that “there is no way anything got stolen, she doesn’t hire people like that” and “we probably just lost the items during the move”.

Friday, March 6th, 2020
Still, nothing has been delivered.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers or delivery driver(s).

Saturday, March 7th, 2020
Still, nothing has been delivered.
Spoke with broker regarding the stolen items, he tried to get information regarding the security footage; however, Barbara Kay was not working with him on doing so. She said nothing was stolen, but is and was unable to provide the security footage to prove anything differently.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers or delivery driver(s).

Sunday, March 8th, 2020
Still, nothing has been delivered.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers or delivery driver(s).

Monday, March 9th, 2020
Still, nothing has been delivered.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers or delivery driver(s).

Monday, March 9th, 2020
Still, nothing has been delivered.
Tried calling Barabara Kay – No answer, and my calls would no longer go through – I believe she blocked my number.
Nothing from Barbara Kay/D United Logistics & Movers or delivery driver(s)

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
Never received an update from the driver, had to obtain the phone number from the broker because Barabara Kay would not provide their contact information to me directly.
Contracted Driver told me that he would be here later in the ‘evening’ to drop off the rest of my items and that he was 80% sure he would make it tonight. Very reassuring…
Contracted Driver showed up at 11:00pm CST to deliver the rest of our belongings.
Contracted Driver had no additional paperwork for me, or confirmation of the remaining delivery of items. He said: “our belongings were thrown outside the warehouse and he was just told to pick that up and bring it here.”
Contracted Driver only dropped off our couch, sons’ dressers, daughter’s dresser, our (my wife and I’s) personal dresser, and our entertainment center. Still missing 10 boxes of belongings and two totes. No clue where they are! No one knows.
Our personal dresser was delivered with damage, our daughter’s dresser delivered with damage, and our personal couch was deliverer with rips and tears (mind you, it was a brand new and perfect condition 3-piece couch).
ALL of our dressers were gone through, we had them packed with belongings. Came back with partial/empty drawers.
Our son’s dresser was gone through – missing Beats headphones, two Xbox headsets, Xbox GTA video game, his uncle’s medals from ROTC, three SD cards, and random articles of clothing.
Called Kaufman County Sherrif’s Department – added onto our current police report.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020
Kaufman County Investigator called me to request additional information.
Investigator also got in contact directly with the broker that was assisting us.
Broker blacklisted Barbara Kay and D United Logistics & Movers across their “mover network”.

Still waiting to hear back from Barbara Kay//D United Logistics & Movers regarding insurance claims for my stolen items and damaged property.
Still waiting for some type of monetary reimbursement of any kind.
Still waiting for some kind of general resolve…

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