Report Filed: Fraud!! Fantasy Pomeranians Scammed me for $500 via Zelle!! Fake Website with Puppies That Don’t Even Exist!! Stay Away!!!

Fantasy Pomeranians

Andy at Fantasy Pomeranians


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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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Fraud!! Fantasy Pomeranians Scammed me for $500 via Zelle!! Fake Website with Puppies That Don't Even Exist!! Stay Away!!!

We emailed about a puppy. We picked a puppy from pictures on website. They wanted us to send the money through Zelle. Fortunately Wells Fargo only allowed $500 to be sent at one time. The next day they asked me to send the rest to a different email account. I got suspicious and discovered their website pictures were stolen from another legitimate site. The puppy I wanted had been used in ads for puppies for sale going back as far as October 2016. We reported this to the FTC but have not heard back. These people need to be stopped. I sent the money on August 10, 2020.

Said they were from Pennsylvania, but website states Dallas, TX

Ripoff Scams Team Comment: Are you also a victim of this alleged SCAM? We would highly advise anyone who has placed an order with this company to do a chargeback via your Financial Institution or Open a Dispute with PayPal if you paid through PayPal to get your FUNDS back ASAP!! The longer you wait to dispute, the less chance you have of getting your money back! NEVER Ever pay with Zelle as it is non-refundable and final once sent, as it works like much like a wire transfer.

Read our Blog post about Zelle Scams and avoid being taken advantage of in the Future!

No Working Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Contact Page! RED FLAGS! Never Order from an untrustworthy and unprofessional website like this!

Also, this website is hosted on the Weebly platform- if you’ve been scammed it’s VERY Important you report the Fraud to Weebly Support so they can shutdown and disable this website so others don’t get scammed too!

Weebly Support Email: Weebly Support Phone Number: 1 (844) 493-3259

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2 Comments Fraud!! Fantasy Pomeranians Scammed me for $500 via Zelle!! Fake Website with Puppies That Don’t Even Exist!! Stay Away!

  1. Linda Pyle

    General Consumer

    Thank you for this post … I almost purchased 2 dogs today thinking I finally found a legitimate breeder! The scammers are EVERYWHERE! In fact the picture above is one of the same 10 week puppies I chose! Unbelievable!

    This company told me they were out of California … I did a search on their phone number “601” which said they were out of Mississippi. They said they would fly from CA to PA which I know cargo shipping is not available during the pandemic from what I’ve heard. I knew it was a scam by the way they said they could have me the dog in 48 hours … I don’t think you can schedule a flight that fast and the dogs would be escorted by a flight “Nanny” for $200? Too unbelievable!

    Thank you again for this post to save heartache from other people falling for the same scam! Another way you can tell is “When do you want us to ship your baby?” It’s a dog! Not very Professional for a breeder.

    I wish there were somewhere I could purchase a new dog for my family without going through this … It’s EVERYWHERE on the Internet! The search goes on!

  2. Ann

    General Consumer

    Whoever made this review.. Have you gotten your money back? This exact thing happened to me… except I’m out all of the money. I was wondering if we could connect to see how you solved this problem! I’m so sorry you experienced this as well..

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