Report Filed: Hicks Performance Kevin Hicks, Hicks Enterprise Hicks Mutilated My Classic Chevelle Wagon Burlington North Carolina!!

Hicks Performance

Burlington North Carolina

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Hicks Performance Kevin Hicks, Hicks Enterprise Hicks Mutilated My Classic Chevelle Wagon Burlington North Carolina!!

In Sept 2018 I contracted Hicks to do a “professional’ engine swap & transmission conversion on my classic Chevelle wagon in restoration for 8+ years but that’s far from what they delivered. Hicks & the “mechanic” Tom assured me they understood the steps involved with the project before I hired them but failed to complete anything that resembles the correct procedure.

3 weeks up to $3500 was the deal…he quickly began lying about 10 days in and that turned to 9 weeks $4100 . The cars shifter was non functional when I picked it up (I was told 3 times it was ready, got a ride up there with my kids, only to find out that was a lie). I was assured both were rebuilt and warrantied (until I checkout & questioned the ultra shady bill that is then he’s that “oh it’s used parts no warranty…of course they’re used parts…from the 70’s….that’ what folks restoring cars use) even when the bill still guarantees a 12month/12k mile warranty on parts and labor.

No hourly labor rate, but billed $1900 in labor…asked for but received no supporting documentation. They installed an incorrect, used, dirty shifter that is just junk all the way around. Looks like they used a can opener to mangle a jagged misplaced hole in my floorboard & stuck the shifter in sideways with no washers, missing a cotter pin, no adjustment at all….I called him back from the next block after it locked into 2nd/3rd and texted when I finally limped it home stuck in 2/3rd with my kids in the car.

He didn’t seem so committed to my satisfaction once he had the $$. Horn no longer works and they damaged my steering column. Gave Hicks 31+ days to make it right but has no intention of making it right. The “rebuilt” M21 leaks and based on reviews repairpal dot com as well that “rebuilt” 350 probably will too if I can ever get all the incorrect mess Hicks made corrected that is.

A professionally employed mechanic has been attempting to determine the exact extent of the mutilation but it’s ongoing at this review. The photo evidence is alarming & dangerous.The clutch fork was broken and used and the throwout bearing was incorrect and installed upside down. I learned too late to always conduct a free online public offender search before giving a job to anyone be it my classic Chevelle or broken Matchbox truck. I have filed complaints with the regulatory agencies & will update accordingly.

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Address: 203 Adams Street Burlington, North Carolina United States
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