Report Filed: Hysan LLC Sent me Products I did NOT Order! Charged my PayPal- I’m Disputing it! Fremont, CA!!



Fremont, CA

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Hysan LLC Sent me Products I did NOT Order! Charged my PayPal- I'm Disputing it! Fremont, CA!!

I received 2 packs of alcohol wipes in which I did not order. I was charged $19.99 on my PayPal account which I will be disputing.

Ripoff Scams Team Comment: Hysan LLC is a Fraud Company scamming hundreds of people a day! We advise anyone that has ordered anything from this company to immediately get in contact with either your Bank, Credit Card Company or Paypal (depending on how they charged you) and open a Fraud Report. Dispute the payment ASAP.. if you wait too long they will get away with your money! They go under many numerous business names, and or website names… search your financial charge history and report ANY suspicious transactions. If enough people come together and file chargebacks against them, eventually they will not be able to find a Merchant provider to process Credit and Debit payments for them. Please refrain from filing a Report specifically about HYSAN LLC on our website as we have gotten hundreds and hundreds of them already, and all it will do is Spam our site and Google with short non-detailed incidents lacking original content. There are already MANY reports on them and we are doing our best to Expose them and help to shut them down! Good Luck!

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22 Comments Hysan LLC Sent me Products I did NOT Order! Charged my PayPal- I’m Disputing it! Fremont, CA

  1. Irma burgos

    I'm the Author of Original Report!

    I order a cookware set and you charge me by PayPal 25.43 . Yesterday I recibe only one pan and is graded. I want the cookware set you charge me for that.

  2. Shirley Walker

    This Report is about me!

    I Oder a comforter i just received only a pillow andi paid for it

  3. gloria

    General Consumer

    a package from HymanLlc that i did not order. they have sent other packages before as i sent them back only to be returned again. i did not open this package and am returning it again. what can i do to stop these shipments and from being billed. Thank you.

  4. Denise

    General Consumer

    They keep sending me fakes nails that I did not order

  5. Annette Garver

    General Consumer

    My son ordered me American flag back pocket jeans in April for Mother’s Day I just received the order July 15 and they was a pair of blank jeans sad that it took 3 Months and now wasn’t even what we ordered ???

  6. Annette Garver

    This Report is about me!

    My son ordered me a pair of jeans for mother’s day in April just received them July 15th was not what I ordered was a pair of plain jeans and I ordered American flag back pocket jeans

  7. Julie

    General Consumer

    My mom ordered a chair few months ago and a dog bed but never got either one but today I got in mail a piece of foam yes that’s correct a piece of foam
    She order it cause she seen a lot of people did same thing from Florida so she thought it was real site I guess not being she paid for FOAM. I WONT EVER GET MONEY BACK BUT SHE CANT FIND THE SITE AS TO WHERE SHE ORDER IT FROM WHAT A RIP OFF

  8. susan orneck

    General Consumer

    I just received TLM Foundation from Hysan LLC that I didn’t order. I don’t know what billing name they used! What do I do ? I called them but they say they do nothing just a middle man – but for who?

  9. Denise Young

    General Consumer

    I ordered a flower basket for $87.50 (Easily Grow 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed with Self Watering Planter Box and Drainage Plug – Brown) and got something that looks like a bicycle basket about 6 inches by 3 inches??? UGH!

  10. Barbara

    General Consumer

    Received six tubes of sew glue liquid which I never ordered. Looked for way to send back but nothing in the pouch. Will probably black out my name and hope it gets to its destination. I can’t find if I paid for it. Don’t think so.

  11. Shirley A Inge

    General Consumer

    O received a package of foam. I have never ordered from this company. I have no idea what this means.

  12. Eugene Geimer

    General Consumer

    I received six rolls of toilet tissue that I never ordered and I’ve never heard of the company (HYSAN LLD) What do I do?????

  13. Dave

    General Consumer

    Thanks to everyone I now now why I took got a worthless plastic part in the mail. But I can’t find the charge. I worry now where they charged it. The bigger question is how can we stop these people – what can we do as payback? People said they mail things back, and they get returned? Anyone dig into the owner? There should be more we can do other than complain.

  14. Looking for Snowy Chen

    General Consumer

    This company is owed by Snowy Chen, is a Domestic Limited-Liability company flie #201623210031. The business is her home at 37191 Panton Terrace Apt 1013 in Fremont CA 94536. Every item comes from China (but advertises CA) as CA is her point of entry. She sells under many different names on Facebook and E-bay. Does she really live there? Anyone in the area to find out? Anyone out there work for Immigrations and customs or NIS? Want to pay her a visit? Is she a US citizen? She is everywhere on the internet causing nothing but grief. Would love to find out if she is a real person and what her story is?

  15. Mary

    General Consumer

    I received foam from this scammer Hysan LLC. I have no idea what it is. Checking CC statement and disputing!

  16. Vickie Hammer

    General Consumer

    I just received a electric razor and I did not order this. I opened it not knowing what it was and now the USPS will not take it back unless I send it back with postage. WTH?? I tracing my accounts to see where it was charged. This is BS!!! How can this be stopped. So wrong!!!

  17. Andree Youngson

    General Consumer

    I just received an ugly dress I never ordered. Always someone trying to scan a person like me. Now I have to figure out where they charged it and stop it.

  18. Sharon Blackmon

    General Consumer

    ordered some pants and they sent the wrong kind. how can I get my money back or get what I wanted

  19. Farr Cheryl

    General Consumer

    I received a coat from this company/person I didn’t order and would never wear in a million years. I can’t find a charge. After seeing the pattern of Hysan LLC of sending stuff, I think I’m going to try and sell the coat on ebay, since it doesn’t seem to have been charged to any of my accounts.

  20. DJ PAMPI

    General Consumer


  21. Scott Danjou

    General Consumer

    I received a pair of orange flip flops that i did not order and was not charged (at least that I think i havent)

  22. BJ Lett

    General Consumer

    This is some bull fragal-nagal!! This was suppose to be a portable picnic table. I received a plastic jump rope!! Are you serious? PayPal and FB were dead ends. To add insult to injury, dial the ***-***-****5 number to get another slap in the face. All of the previous comments are in line with what I have discovered. The sad part is that this was not the name on the Paypal and the FB advertisement does not even provide the information anywhere. Never again…..

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