Report Filed: Keto Max- Waiting on Refund- Supplements CHS* Life Wellness! Las Vegas NV!!

Keto Max

Supplements CHS* Life Wellness

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Waiting on refund!!

I have been going through this return process for 5 months now. I have returned the product and have yet to receive my CHEQUE in the mail. I surely hope that the process was not “fatal” as they had put in one of their emails. After waiting the allotted time they had suggested to wait for the refund, I then called the “help centre” (the people that work there are young kids that have no professionalism at all. They hang up on you, if they can’t help, and have a lot of spelling mistakes in the returned emails)

I have been getting the same copy and pasted email response when trying to contact them on the status of my cheque. “The finance department is reviewing my account” for 3 months they have been reviewing my account? Product is returned and was never opened. I followed all their instructions and KNOW that they have received it.(I tracked it until it arrived back to them) they have informed me over and over that there is a restocking fee, which I was fine with. All I want is a refund.

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Official Report ID#: 904959
Address: 3960 Howard Hughes pkwy. Suit 500 Nevada Las Vegas US
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