Report Filed: Kiffany Cody- Illegal Pyramid Scheme Deception!!

Kiffany Cody

Lilburn, GA

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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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Kiffany Cody- Illegal Pyramid Scheme Deception!!

Kiffany Cody lied and deceived people by claiming an illegal pyramid scheme was 100% legal. She knew this was illegal because she was mad when someone told white people about this. When police reports were threatened against the scheme, she claimed these were legal and that black people have been doing this for centuries and that people from other races would try to bring down black people. Very sad that black people have to get scammed by this..

Let’s look at the facts. This link has all the facts.

Black people have been doing a traditional sou sou for centuries. This is basically crowdfunding or crowdsharing where everyone puts the same amount in a pot and everyone gets the same amount back. This is NOT a pyramid scheme because you get what you put in and nothing else. With these pyramid schemes, you get 700-900% return on your money. That’s illegal. Since this blessing scheme is a pyramid, it always collapses. Please check out this link with incriminating voice messages from facilitators.

Please also check out this video

Kiffany Cody has slandered people who went against her. She will say you are defaming her if you go against her yet the very definition of defamation is using false statements, which do NOT exist in this statement. There is no defamation or slander because its all true. She is completely untrustworthy and is a complete con artist. Its sad when someone trust another person but they then use it to deceive them into joining an illegal pyramid scheme that they know is illegal.

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Official Report ID#: 904915
Address: Lilburn, GA
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