Report Filed: Fake American Little River Band Frauds!! Misleading Fans and Venues! Nashville- Arizona and Cairns- Queensland Australia!!

Little River Band- Artist International Management

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Nashville, Arizona and Cairns, Queensland Australia

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Fake American Little River Band Frauds!! Misleading Fans and Venues! Nashville- Arizona and Cairns- Queensland Australia!!

A touring band in American called ‘Little River Band’ contains no original members. As part of the truth in music advertising act in most states they are required to be advertised as a tribute act. They have dates booked throughout America.

The Little River Band originated in Australia in 1975 and had multiple hits in the United States throughout the 70’s and 80’s. The original line up was: Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, Graeham Goble, Derek Pellicci, Roger McLachlan and Ric Formosa.

This United States version of the band have been using original members’ songs and likenesses through images and videos to advertise their concerts. Attached are some screenshots of misleading information on their ticketing platforms and venue website. As an example they advertise them as “one of Australia’s most significant bands.”

Many of their adverts use sound recordings of the original Australian members with mimed footage of the American band containing no original members. Attached is one video example of their adverts which uses footage of the original band members and there are many more. None of the people featured in the advert video appear at the concert.

On social media there are endless complaints that Original members were advertised to be at performances throughout the US and weren’t there. Fans also have written about the band’s management threatening to sue them for asking if any of the original band members would be appearing as advertised.

The current touring lineup of the band also list all the songs and achievements of the original band in their press releases, venue advertisements and website as if they were their own. Amongst many other misleading information, they advertise they are the Australian Music Hall Of Fame (ARIA) inducted band, when none of them are. They advertise themselves as “Aussie pop legends”, “the band from Melbourne, Australia” when all of them were born in America and are American citizens. Their adverts say they are “heading back to the USA”.

Venues are also being misled into booking them. Their booking agents use photos, names and accolades of the original band members to advertise the band for bookings. The American Little River Band advertise themselves as the band that recorded all the hits songs (attached screenshot provided) alongside original music videos.

There are endless examples of TV, internet adverts and press releases which mislead consumers into believing members of the original band will be appearing at their concerts.
They sell CDs with the original band pictured on the cover, but their brand new recordings are on the album. No one on the cover are on these cds.

Their adverts (on traditional media and web) should legally have a disclaimer that:

1.No original members of the hit making band will be appearing

2.All members are from America and not Australia

3.They are not the Australian Hall Of Fame Inductees!

Little River Band

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Posted by Explore McAllen on Monday, April 9, 2018

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10 Comments Fake American Little River Band Frauds!! Misleading Fans and Venues! Nashville- Arizona and Cairns- Queensland Australia

  1. SQ

    General Consumer

    What a great article about the parasitic American ‘LRB’ As an original Aussie LRB fan it cuts deeply to know these fakers are living off the spoils of the originals. If you complain the send legal letters out to scare you and Aussies were banned from their website, it’s outright fraud and I thought it illegal to tour as a band unless you had one original member these days. By all means call yourself a tribute (in their case an insult) band but the public must be informed that you are not the originals. Thnx for the article of truth and keep spreading the word

  2. Wayne Parker

    General Consumer

    Lrb are lrb from australia this wayne nelson guy comes out with so much garbage ! With a serious face!!!!

  3. Gerry Doe

    General Consumer

    I’m glad that this report has been published. A group of musicians (legally I hasten to add) performing to audiences under the title of Little River Band, and imo ‘suggesting’ that they were there in the beginning. So, which one of you was sat in the car that day near Geelong and saw the “Little River” sign and remarked that would be a good name for the band ???? I recently spoke to someone in Nashville who informed me that he’d seen the Little River Band a few years ago. After informing him that in fact what he’d seen and heard WAS NOT the Little River Band and giving him an insight to the whole debacle, his reply was a sultry “I didn’t know that.” Which suggests to me, he along with a whole host of other people have been mislead? I would have said ‘conned’ but I don’t want to upset Housden #sarcasm. The musicians who perform as the Little River Band and their associates may smirk and kid themselves that they’re the Little River Band, but hey guys, don’t kid yourselves, you sound nothing like the Little River Band that you ‘pretend’ to be. Thanks for publishing the article.

  4. Dan

    General Consumer

    Unfortunately, these frauds do have the rights to the name. The bass player they hired from the Chicago area years ago was the last touring and remaining person from AFTER they produced the hits and registered the name to himself. NOW, he gets paid to let the imposters use the name. Legal, but, not moral!

    1. Andre Couture

      General Consumer

      Wayne Nelson (bass player became a member of LRB in either 1980 or 1981). He left the band briefly in the 90’s and then returned . However when Wayne left LRB, lead guitarist Stephen Housden became the last man standing (1 or 5) and ended up with the full rights and trademarks to LRB. Ironically Stephen Housden no longer tours with LRB (however since he owns it, he didn’t have to give it up when leaving the band later). When Wayne Nelson returned he didn’t regain his member status but became a hired hand! So all members of this group are either all hired hands or they are a band that just leases the LRB name.

  5. Vicki Brougham

    General Consumer

    This is is disgraceful. LRB are an Australian band NOT a band made up of American fraudsters.

  6. H. Dean

    General Consumer

    I purchased a ticket and attended one of their concerts. The band advertised had all the guys in it I had seen years ago. When I got to the concert, the band entered the stage to an announcer introduction of “All the way from Australia… Little River Band” I thought something was suspicious because all but the lead singer were too young to be in the original band and none of them had an Australian accent. The lead singer announced every song as if he wrote them and was on the original records. He even told a story about naming the band. When I got home I did research which I really should have done before I bought a ticket. No one in the band that I had just seen was on any of the hit records! After the concert, the band was signing merchandise. Other fans had brought their own albums to get signed, albums that none of the band played on. I bought a CD for souvenir which I was told by staff were their greatest hits. After playing it, it reminds me of the subpar K-tel re-recordings that I fell for years ago. I feel a little cheated that all the lead up to their arrival through adverts and interviews made me think that members of the original band would be appearing. They have visited several times since and they still advertise the same. Now, I always check the lineup before I buy seats. Lesson Learnt.

  7. Marty M.

    General Consumer

    There is a video on YouTube which shows misleading concert goers and admitting it. Disgraceful! They should be made to disclose hey are not the band that had the hits. They shouldn’t be allowed to use the original members in their adverts which I have seen many times over and over. The concert goers in this video didn’t even know they bought tickets to see completely different people than who was in the adverts.

  8. Mary

    General Consumer

    I am truly disgusted to know of these idiotic so called American boys that took EVERYTHING from the REAL Little River Band’s handsome, talented musicians!! These guys, (the REAL LRB) worked so hard for so long being an amazing true group of musicians to bring us beautiful songs, only to have these idiots take it all from them and now are posing to BE them! Just goes to show they don’t have it in them enough to make it on their own! They May have the name legally, but they will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER!!!! BE THE TRUE REAL LRB!! THEY SHOULD BE SUED FOR FALSIFYING ADS, SELLING THINGS WITH THE ORIGINAL LRB GUYS PHOTOS AND NAMES AND SAYING THEY’RE ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA!! TALK ABOUT WANNABES!! STUPID IDIOTS WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY OR SUPPORT!! EVER!!!

  9. Joe

    General Consumer

    These fakers/fraudsters of this horrible Las Vegas type bar cover band that PRETEND and call themselves (and claim to be) uses their lawyers to HARRASS & TRY TO INTIMIDATE FANS of THE ORIGINAL LRB. They have sent “Cease & Desist” notices to FANS to THREATNEN FANS (of the original LRB) & HARRASS FANS. This should tell you all you need to know about these SCUM. The entire faker band and their management especially! HARASSING & THREATTENING LEGAL ACTION TO FANS. SO wrong it is them that should be sued and held accountable for pure harassment & THREATENING of FANS with legal action. PURE FAKES & SCUM! And Wayne Nelson HAS BEEN nothing but Stephen Housden’s touring PUPPET. None of them are talented enough or have ever been cable of writing their own “hit song” on their own if their lives depended on it.

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