Report Filed: Mary at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management Beware of Mary at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management Jupiter Florida!!

Mary at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management

Jupiter Florida

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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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Mary at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management Beware of Mary at Jupiter Hospital Pain Management Jupiter Florida!!

I have been a respectable patient at Jupiter Hospital pain Management for nearly 3 years – never had any issues or problems with medication prescriptions for the entire time!  However, during my most recent visit to Jupiter Hospital Pain Management in Jupiter, Florida (South Florida) with nurse practitioner “Mary,” there was for some reason a problem with my medication records from a prior doctor and Mary refused to write my normal pain management prescription. She took a very rude, cold-hearted tone and completely disregarded my flawless 3-year track record with them and absolutely did not care about my well-being to no end.

So Mary proceeds to send me to the prior doctor’s office and states that he must call her office to confirm that the medication shown on my med record was never actually prescribed nor administered to me. However, once I’m finally at that doctor’s office, about 90 minutes later, she proceeds to tell me that the option does not exist and nothing can be done. She basically sends me on a 30 mile journey and then essentially tells me no and that I’m basically screwed. Throughout the entire process she maintains such a cold, uncaring tone and completely disregards my flawless history with Jupiter Pain Management.

So today I call and ask the receptionist to confirm whether or not the prior physician called in to confirm the truth and the receptionist said she’d call me back and of course she didn’t which now leads me to believe that Mary instructed her to close the matter and not return my call…the whole thing just sickens me!

DO NOT utilize Jupiter Pain Management, but if you do I would definitely suggest you avoid May the nurse practitioner because she nor the entire staff basically, could care less about your well-being. And if there’s ever a medication discrepancy, they will never give you the benefit of the doubt, it doesn’t how longstanding or flawless your track record with them may be, and when it comes to pain management it is important that you have people that truly care about you!

Mary and Jupiter Pain Management — a BAD decision!

They are located at: 1210 S. Old Dixie Hwy, Jupiter, FL 33458 / their phone number is (561) 223-6288

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Official Report ID#: 424979
Address: 1210 S. Old Dixie Hwy Jupiter, Florida United States
Phone #: (561) 263-2234
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