Report Filed: Nick Chesseman- Lawyer @ CMS LAW Scammer!!

Nick Cheeseman


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Nick Chesseman : Lawyer @ CMS LAW Scammer!!

So it all started when I asked my mom’s friend Lilliana to look at people per hour to see if I could find a lawyer in regards to sending my 2 ex clients a letter. We came across Nick and we talked and I was happy with the conversation we had. Now it was stated that I would only be able to do a transfer from when I was paid. I tried to make a payment of 350 from my spanish bank but as he was not set up on account the funds never went. So we agreed that as a good will gesture he would contact them and also draw up a letter. As I was flying from Spain to the UK, he had my mum’s number as well as my number. Now we did try and make a payment but the amount was going higher and higher in which we could not at all make.

I arrived in the UK and as I had a mental breakdown I was rushed to hospital.when I explained this all to Nick, he called me a liar, now it was a surprise that my mother flew out to see me to see how I was. when I was being checked for Covid, she left her phone in the hospital room, I picked up and Nick was called. He started asking me questions in which I said my mother flew out to see me as I had a breakdown with regards to the ex clients. So from this period on when Nick was calling and texting he was calling me a liar, don’t get me wrong what I do in my personal time has nothing to do with him, he was instructed to send out a letter, and arrange a cease and desist in which was originally asked to do. Now from this way onward I had calls texts and horrible threatening messages and early hours of a morning and evening. This was very unprofessional and I begged him to stop, which he did not. He carried on and on. He then has caused a large amount of trouble with my ex-clients which I am trying to resolve myself now, but it is taking a lot of time as I cannot put right the wrongs that Nick has caused.

Now when he threatened me with court action I explained until I get back to Spain, I can only offer a payment plan, he declined and started being very horrible with me,I am presently living off my mum’s pension until I can get back to Spain. He demanded that I pay the 300 pounds the other day, or there would be a lot of trouble as he has my address in Spain from my ex clients. This started to become very worrying for myself and my Mother. When I called and spoke with Guy the other day, and explained what a very nice gent he was, he calmed me down and relaxed me and had my mind put to rest. I then got 2 missed calls from Nick and then when I answered the 3rd call he stated “Why have you contacted my work, I can actually get sacked here because of you. You want to make a story up and tell them that all is ok or I will have trouble caused. You have 1 day to resolve this issue” now when I and other people hear this, wow others did not know what to say with the crap coming from a supposed lawyer and a very large firm CMS. I am actually scared for my life in regards to the nastiness that has been coming and still coming in from Nick.

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