Report Filed: NuVega Lash NuVega Beauty Improved Cares NuVega Lash: Free Trial is a Complete Scam! Buyer Beware!!! Lewiston ME!!

NuVega Lash


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NuVega Lash NuVega Beauty Improved Cares NuVega Lash: Free Trial is a Complete Scam! Buyer Beware!!! Lewiston ME!!

As I’m sure many others before me have done, I took advantage of the NuVega Lash “free trial” offer.  For only a shipping price of $4.99, NuVega Lash says they will send you a tube of their miracle working lash serum.  This trial is supposed to be for a 30 day period and can be cancelled at any time with no obligation (according to the paperwork they shipped with my “free trial”).  They also state that if you no longer wish to have future shipments sent to you, you need to notify them within 2 weeks or you will be billed for the next month’s supply.  NOTE:  The monthly fee of $94.97 is NEVER disclosed to the customer!  HERE ARE SOME VERY IMPORTANT FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE I DID:

I placed the order for my “free trial” on January 16th, but the product was not shipped until 9 days later on the 25th.  I received my order on January 30th, used the product for 2 days and broke out in a very painful rash.  I called customer service the morning of February 3rd and described the situation and was guaranteed that no additional charges or shipments had been billed or sent and that none would follow. 

Fast forward 10 days when I checked my bank statement and it showed that NuVega Lash billed me $94.97 on February 4th!!!  I immediately contacted customer service for the second time and spoke with Edgar at extension 348.  He informed me that he did in fact see that I had called and cancelled my “membership” on February 3rd.  However, he would not reverse the charges on my card because they hadn’t received the “free trial” back from me within 2 weeks of my order date.

I didn’t even get my order from them until 2 weeks after I ordered it, so how am I supposed to have it returned to Maine, from California, in 2 weeks time?!  I was NOT asked to return anything the first time I called, nor was I given a return authorization code, which was also verified by Edgar at extension 348.  I asked to speak with a supervisor when Edgar refused to refund my money and was told that there were no supervisors working at that time (how convenient).  He also said that I wouldn’t get any refund from them until I shipped my “free trial” back to them, gets processed by their shipping & receiving department, goes to their claims department, etc.  In other words, they will take their sweet a*s time giving me my money back, if at all. 

My next call is to the bank where I am going to dispute all charges because this is fraud, plain and simple!

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