Report Filed: Reef2Land LLC Non-Delivery of Items Purchased!! Colorado Springs, CO!!

Reef2Land LLC

Colorado Springs, CO

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Reef2Land LLC Non-Delivery of Items Purchased!! Colorado Springs, CO!!

Back on November 30th, 2020, I purchased 4 Kessil lights as well as 1 Wifi dongle to control the lights.
My total purchase price was over $1600.
At the time of purchase, this store was running a promotion through Kessil where customers would get free cables to connect the lights to one another
so they can all be controlled by that single WiFi dongle.
A few days after my purchase I suddenly received a package with one light and the Wifi dongle.
I thought this was great but I was wondering what happened to my other 3 lights and the cables.
I never received any email from this store with an order update to included any tracking number.
After 1 week of waiting with no communication from this store at all about the rest of my missing order I contacted them via email.
The store replied and said they are still working on the order and they would get back with me the next day.
After 2 days of no communication I sent them another email but this time I got no reply.
I waited another few days and decided to call them.
The person I spoke with said they were having a problem with people buying lights, replacing the light with an old one and then sending the packages back to get a refund.
So they implemented this crazy procedure where every package has to be opened and inspected by the mail courier and even weighed so they can protect themselves from fraud.
I waited another couple of days with no communication from them and no tracking number until I called them again.
This time the guy says “oh yeah let me check the tracking number to see where your package is” instead of just providing the tracking information to their customers.
The rest of my order I am still missing is worth over $1200 !!
Another couple of days later the remaining 3 lights arrived but the cables they promised to include were not there.
So I called them yet again and the same guy claimed I never asked for the cables to be included!
The website didn’t say that you have to specifically ask for them.
It just said customers get free cables with the purchase of these Kessil lights.
The guy said no problem and he can ship them out the same day.
After one week of waiting and with no tracking number I messaged them as I was too angry to talk to them over the phone.
The store replied and claimed that he has hundred of customers complaining that they didn’t receive their packages because USPS supposedly “lost” 12 containers
of their packages.
After waiting another 3 weeks I emailed them again about the rest of my order but never received a reply.

I am all about supporting small businesse aka. “the little guy” however this has been the most frustrating shopping experience I’ve ever had to deal with.
Do yourself a favor and just order the same products on Amazon and receive them in 2 days instead of dealing with this utter nightmare of a company.

I decided to bite the bullet and pay another $100 to buy these cables on Amazon.

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Address: 3578 Hartsel Drive E417 CO Colorado Springs US
Phone #: +17194008328
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