Report Filed: RV center of tulsa They a deceptive and the have zero customer service skills. Tulsa Ok!!

RV center of tulsa

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RV center of tulsa They a deceptive and the have zero customer service skills. Tulsa Ok!!

Well this might take a bit. First of all I saw an ad on Craigslist in Midland TX and I was traveling to Tulsa to buy a gutter machine so I figured I would swing in while in the city. I saw a nice travel trailer i liked and before we got in the office the girl at the front desk needed me to move my truck and asked very rudely. So at that point I got in my truck and just drove off. Bottom line is I should have left it at that. The sales guy sent me the link to apply because he knew I was in a hurry to get the transaction done and was basically pushed off the lot. I reluctantly went ahead and applied and was approved after way to many questions. The price on the trailer was 24,995. I came back after a week to do the deal and as soon as I sat down they sent the salesman in to upsell me a warranty even though I specifically said that I did not want it. They ask for 10% down which I wrote them a check for. They then shuffled me in another room with their finance manager. She shuffled through the paperwork super fast and explain that my deductible would be going towards the amount.

Although after reading the paperwork when I got back to my house they just added that on top of the cost so really they just kept the 10% to themselves I’m still financing the 24995 through the finance company and that did not go towards my cost of the travel trailer which I was told would and that was a lie. I wish this was the only problems that I had but wants they hook the travel trailer up and I drove down the road about 250 miles I did a walk-around I noticed that the handle for the septic tank rattled off and the grey water was about to do the same thing so I lay down in the rain got my tools out and tightened the grey water handle so I would not lose that. at that point I called my salesman Brent which he has been great through this whole thing and let him know that the handle had rattled off he said that he would get a hold of the service manager and have her call me so they can send me a new one. I got back in and went ahead and drove by remainder of the trip to Midland Texas. I got into my RV space and went inside and noticed that the trim going along the bedroom door had popped off during the trip because whoever put the trim on had their air compressor too much and blew the nails all the way through the trim so the only thing that was holding it on with one screw that the door was latched to. So the door slid open and put a hole through the wall!

I once again called Brent my salesman and he said that he had passed the information on to the service manager. she had still not called on the handle that it rattled off before so I let him know that I need to speak with somebody about this I need to get it into a service department and have this fixed because on the first trip this should not be happening this is a brand-new travel trailer. After having some time looking around at this thing there were multiple problems. There’s a clip inside the refrigerator that is supposed to hold the temperature controller that was missing so the controller was just hanging down at the bottom of the fridge and it froze all my food ruining a lot of it. I’ve called on that I have not had a call back on neither one of these issues. The customer service sucks to say the least.

All Brent can do is say I passed it on. He says he’s doing everything he can but in my eyes he could be getting me phone numbers to another service department or heartland’s repair line or something. These guys only care about getting the signature on the contract and pushing you out of their lot and at that point you are on your own. Steer far away from this company guys. Go by your RVs for travel trailer somewhere else. For one they’re going to cellu something that one price and the down payment will not go towards the price at all it just goes in their pocket and you are stuck paying the full price to the finance company. another thing is when things go wrong you’re dealing with them on your own they will not be there to help you whatsoever.

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