Report Filed: Samra Knezevic- Mistreats Seniors and is a Hospital Patient Abuser!! Tucson, Arizona!!

Samra Knezevic

Tucson, Arizona

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Samra Knezevic- Mistreats Seniors and is a Hospital Patient Abuser!! Tucson, Arizona!!

In October of 2020 I hired Samra Knezevic to be a nurse for my disabled elderly father. For safety precautions I had installed hidden cameras and microphones throughout my father’s house so I could keep an eye on my father’s care. Soon after Samra Knezevic started working for us I discovered how she was mistreating and abusing my father. She was using abusive language cursing my father out and then on several occasions I witnessed her push my father down on the ground and while my father was down on the ground screaming for help Samra Knezevic was laughing at him calling him more names and would leave him down on the ground for hours at a time. Then came the theft of his valuable belongings. My father had nice jewelry including a Rolex watch that he had since college and all of these things Samra Knezevic stole from him. I finally fired her, and filed a police report and there is now an ongoing investigation. I hired an investigative service that does thorough background checks which I should have done beforehand but anyways I learned that Samra Knezevic had worked for TMC hospital in Tucson Arizona as a CNA Nurse and had been fired after management discovered she was stealing pharmaceutical drugs from the patients and also abusing the patients in a similar manner like she did my father. They fired her and they also file a police report with an ongoing investigation. Samra Knezevic is a dangerous person and should not be trusted. I believe she is mentally ill and belongs in jail where she cannot harm anyone else. I hope that this report will help others to avoid making the same mistake I did in hiring her. Thank you for reading.

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Official Report ID#: 904854
Address: 2455 N. Dodge Blvd. Apt. # 4203 Tucson, Arizona 85716 US
Phone #: +15204062775
Website URL:

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