Report Filed: RIPOFF!! Shawn Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning Huntington Beach, CA!!

Shawn Lambert Owner, Nick Assist Manager/Installer

Nick Lambert (owners son 20 years old). Eric, new hire

Huntington Beach, CA

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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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RIPOFF!! Shawn Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning Huntington Beach, CA!!

Shawn Lambert Heating & Air conditioning has not completed the installation of a new central heater, replacement ductwork, and new air conditioning as contracted and damaged my home and is trying to install a fire damaged “new” heater in my attic! The heater was damaged out of the box with unconnected internal wiring and they have attempted repairing the heater four times during this troubled installation. The mother circuit board has been twice replaced and shorted out, internal wires caught fire and melted, internal wires were not connected, all five new smoke/CO2 alarms have gone off everytime they work on it. They promised to bring another new heater and now refuse to do so, opting to try to rebuild the fire damaged heater!

They now threatened to pull a lien against my houses and have not finished the work or asked for payment. And the duct work is not yet complete. And the code required two inch air returns have not been installed because they haven’t ordered them, they installed one inch air returns instead telling me that the city inspector probably won’t catch the mistake. And they hired a 55 year old alcoholic with no HVAC background to assist the assistant manager/installer “Nick” and his first day of work was at my house. This new hire cut crooked holes in my ceilings and damaged the drywall around it. The HERS tester (required for permitting the work) has tested it four times and it kept failing, leaking way too excessively! They also didn’t put enough refrigerant in. And they are coming up on 8 weeks and the work isn’t finished and nothing is working and it is very cold 40-50 degrees and we are cold! And they have not framed the ceiling of the heater closet ceiling as promised as they are charging me extra to relocate the attic from a closet directly above to the spacious attic.

They have not yet put on the two locking caps for the AC Compressor to lesson the chance of teens huffing the deadly gas. They have not installed the dampeners in the ducts as promised to balance the airflow in the house as part of the house has a drastically different temperature! The owners 20 year old son has been out to seal leaks in the duct work and did more damage to the drywall because he does not know what to do, taking direction on the telephone from his father Shawn Lambert. Shawn Lambert the owner/contractor oversized the AC unit by an extra ton and the assistant manager on the first day told me that he always does that to charge more for labor as they charge more for “larger equipment”. But my house doesn’t need the larger unit.

And the SEER 16 unit that the contractor Shawn Lambert recommended will not provide the energy efficiency because he never orders the proper sized coil to match the efficiency. So Shawn Lambert (contractor) is cheating consumers by promising SEER 16 but never installing the proper coil to get it and charging a premium! To make matters worse, he started a second house for me while working on the first one and still needs to complete both jobs. And the first house had so many leaks and couldn’t pass State HERS testing that the contractor told the HERS tester that I have asbestos so the testing is not required after it had failed. I reminded the HERS tester and Shawn Lambert that this house does not have asbestos and he is lying to avoid the required test. Shawn Lambert backed down and agreed that we have no asbestos and HERS testing continued repeatedly and failing. We want the work completed. And we want the out of the box damaged heater taken out and another new one installed and the installation to finish. The heater is an AC Pro Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace 80% Single Stage 60,000 BTU non-variable upflow/horizontal 14.5 inch wide AC Pro #68626. MFG #80G1uh060ae12x. Help!

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Address: P.O. Box 1866 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 US
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