Report Filed: Smartpay Lease Smartpay smartplayplus smartpaylease They will change the agreement and inclusions on you!!

Smartpay Lease

Tuskegee Alabama

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Beware of this Business, Individual, Product or Service...they Should NOT be Trusted!!

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Smartpay Lease Smartpay smartplayplus smartpaylease They will change the agreement and inclusions on you!!

This is the email regarding the lease plan…

Thanks for shopping with SmartPay

Hi Akeisha,

Thanks for getting a Straight Talk phone and service plan bundle powered by SmartPay Everyday Leasing.

Your 15 payment SmartPay lease plan includes a prepaid Straight Talk service plan which will auto-refill as needed.

How Your Lease Payments Work

  • SmartPay will bill you once every 30 days for your leased items.
  • SmartPay will top up your service plan as needed.
  • Your automatic payments to SmartPay in the amount of $94.90 will be described on your debit or credit card statement as from: SMARTPAY-CHG.COM (844) 467-3561

Your SmartPay Lease Plan

Total payments:


First payment paid on 04/20/2018:


Lease payments remaining:


Payment schedule:

every 30 days

Next scheduled payment date:


Next scheduled payment:
-Leased item(s)
-Tax on lease


Final scheduled lease payment date:


Final scheduled lease payment:
-Leased item(s)
-Tax on lease *



  • You acquire ownership of the leased items when the remaining 14 payments are paid in full on time.
  • You can cancel your lease agreement at any time by paying off early or returning your items.


*Taxes and fees subject to change.

Items in Order


Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black
Straight Talk Unlimited Plan 10GB Data – $45
USPS Priority

Leased with SmartPay at:

Straight Talk


SmartPay Handset Protection Plan.
This Plan will allow you to file two (2) replacement claims for the product during the term of your lease in the event the product experiences a failure as outlined in your lease agreement. Replacement claims are subject to a service fee.

How to Manage Your SmartPay Lease Plan


It only takes a minute to setup your account. Just click on the button below and follow a few simple steps.


After you recieve the phone and agreement, they tell you the service is not included but they will take the money out and pay it seperately. That was not communicated. They will trick you. They did not charge me the service plan until the 2nd month. So somehow they changed their minds and the agreement online (which i have no access to) after I called to complain about the billing. This is beyond ridiculous. 

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