Report Filed: Uber Eats Driver Ripped off by Company – False Advertising Promotion!!

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Uber Eats Driver Ripped off by Company - False Advertising Promotion!!

My daughter-in-law joined Uber Eats so she could make extra money to pay rent and bills. Uber Eats was running a promotion, which I thoroughly reviewed on-line, including their terms & conditions. It stated they would supply Uber Eats drivers a guarantee of $1,800 if they made 200 deliveries. For example, if a driver did 200 deliveries and earned $1,200 for the trips, Uber Eats would pay the difference to the driver of $600 for the guarantee of $1,800. My daughter-in-law worked over 60 hours per week for the past 4 weeks to get the 200 deliveries so she would have the money for bills, Christmas, rent and to pay for her school so she could continue getting her high school diploma. She was exhausted working so many hours because she also takes care of my mother-in-law during the day since her stroke. Uber Eats has not deposited the money into her account as of 11/29/19 and she (and I) have called Uber Eats at least 30-40 times, only to get someone on the phone that hardly speaks English and passed us from person to person, with each person not helping for various reasons.

Their advertisement also states clearly that the drivers would get this money immediately into their account; no waiting period. Uber Eats first stated they had system issues, then they stated this promo didn’t apply to Uber Eats drivers – only Uber drivers, which was not stated anywhere in the ad or terms & conditions. In fact, they supplied her with an on-line app that tracked her trips to meet the goal of 200 trips. Customer service also stated they only owed her a little over $400, which was not correct and we both told them that the ad stated that tips or tolls were not included in the calculation. Both Brandie and I have heard excuse after excuse as to why they haven’t paid her. During one phone call they said they were transferring me to the payments department, but after 20 minutes no one picked up so I called back only to be told they didn’t have a payments department.

We asked for a corporate office phone number and they said they didn’t have one. They also said we’d have to email support to address this, but when I tried to email them, I received a response back that I had to call and couldn’t email about the issue. They advertised falsely and are now refusing to pay Brandie Keen the money due. Brandie has a copy of all of her 200 trips, amounts she made for trips, tips and tolls, and a copy of the promotion and terms and conditions. My next step is to contact the BBB and an attorney because they need to be shut down for ripping off employees like this. I am a 1099 employee for them, as are other drivers, and I now can’t pay some of my bills. My trip earnings were $913.15 and they promised $1,800.00, which means they owe me $886.85.

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