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Eos cca Refund Massachusetts

Back in 2015 I paid the collection agency over $1,000 the collection agency didn’t tell me about the Verizon Wireless policy once you paid your $1,000 you owe

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Xsport Fitness Connie Vuong, False manager, Kendall, Fat operations manager Connie falsely identified herself as a manager at the gym. She was dressed in booty shorts and wore false lashes. She was engaging in PDA with a hispanic co-worker instead of assisting clientele. Very rude to me and unprofessional Fairfax Virginia

I had been to this gym before and had obtained excellent fitiness training from Dennis. This was 1.5 years ago.   Today I went in with a couple

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Macwintech I took my laptop to this company with wine damage had big problems with them they kept saying they were getting the parts. THey charged $150 just to inspect the computer then I picked up the computer they said they had replaced parts of the mother board a wifi devices and the display on earth week after picking up the computer it stopped working I took to another repair place they statwd the mother board had no time been repaired properly. HONG KONG

This company lies about what it is doing I think they used defective parts in the mother board on the MacBook Air. The main guy Lav said there

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