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Whetstone Partners ETitle Loans ETitleLoan Everest Business Funding Geronima Graciela Medina Geronima Breen Geronima Hawkins Scott Crockett Glenis Webb Marlin Financial Title Loans Fraudulently Induced Title Loan Contract, Operating as Title Lender Without State Licensure, Attempted Grand Theft Auto Doral Florida

Dear Fellow Victims: Whetstone Partners and ETitleLoan.com were fictitious names filed by Geronima Graciela Medina (Age 54 as of 9/23/18). She goes by several aliases, such as Geronima

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Marlin Financial Inc Marlin Financial, LLC EZLoanLookup.com EZ Loan Inc ETitleLoan.com Whetstone Partners, LLC ETech360.com Spark Hire Commercial-Modification Costa Mesa Car Title Loans Corona Car Title Loans Long Beach Car Title Loans Bay Area Car Title Loans Downey Car Title Loans Bakersfield Car Title Loans Richard Tolan Bonnie Tolan Jeremy Tolan Joshua Tolan Neil Quiriconi Peter Pocrnich Geronima Medina Marlin Financial will Induce the Borrower with a typical loan contract bearing The Principal, The Fees, The Term, and the Interest Rate. All of this is done “Online”, as you do NOT have the option to visit any of their offices to view the documents in real time. Marlin added to my Title Loan of $3000.00, a hidden “fee” of $6000 for a product that doesn’t even exist, called a “Debt Cancellation Waiver”, claiming it was $6000 in “Coverage”, when it was IN FACT, nothing more than an additional premium owed to Marlin. For borrowing $3000, I was now on the hook for repaying $10,963.20, regardless of how quickly the loan was paid off. Marlin has a very well established pattern of this specific behavior. Northbrook Illinois

MARLIN FINANCIAL IS NOT LICENSED This company is NOT a licensed Title Loan lender as required under Chapter 516.02(04), Florida Statutes through the State of Florida Department of

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