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Attorney Sherwin Amazan Beyond stupid Con artist Law office of vincent w davis & associates Mafia players in it with DCFS Their into corruption with DCFS pathetic attorney. & law firm. 150 n. Santa anita ave #200, Arcadia Beyond stupidCon artist Corrupt to the max didnt file anthing in my case to cover up with dcfs overbilled me for services they didnt perform Arcadia CA

Corrupt Attorney sherwin amazan Corrupt law office. Vincent w davis & associates. Mafia office into corruption in it with dcfs. They will mess up your case and work

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Krohn and Moss, SCAM, THIEVES, READ THE REVIEWS, UNETHICAL!! UNETHICAL! SCAM! RIPOFF! READ THE REVIEWS! DO NOT HIRE! Chicago Illinois John D. Barker Jennifer Basola Scott M. Cohen Scott Fortas Ted Greene Derek Hale Adam T. Hill Eric Kaczander

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