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City of Phenix City Is ran by black people who whined and complaint about discrimination and corruption from white people yet they are doing the same things pulling white people over falselying giving them tickets and the judge is black and ruling against white people the city is embraced by black corruption and dirty cops

   I don’t like how black people complain about discrimination and unfairness. When they embrace corruption themselves, blacks are doing the same thing. They allow black parents to

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Ashley hawthorne Dane Chambers Ashley hawthorne had her cronie wells fargo employees tell her about our business when we would be in the bank so she could be their first. they disabled our online account ran us back and forth to open a new account only to do this dirty thing to us falsely calling 911 because the judge told us to stay away from her but she is coming around us making our lives miserable. AL

My bank account got wrongfully closed because my neighbor Ashley who is a district manager at the Columbus Park crossing wells fargo falsely accused me of harassing her

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