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Miraleste Canyon Estates Laurel Tree Apartments Virgil Magday Mike Holguin HOA assaulted and defamed me, after I asked to see 3-bids/invoices. Then, HOA issued me $5,500 in retaliatory fines. San Pedro CA

www.HOA-X.com www.miralestecanyonestates.org www.ripoffscams.com    (Case#1263346) EXHIBIT FOLDER #1 Counter Lawsuit: (MCE) Retaliatory Fines: $5,450 and $75 court fees = $5,500. “EXHIBITS” regarding historic personal and professional harassment, false

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Yorktown Home owner association Yorktown board members don’t like to hear complaints about neighbors putting their trash days before trash day and trash flying in my yard honest people would not respond so hostile they think they own my home which I worked and pay for and you have to pay $150 to live their while they live these lavish lifestyles PO Box 3461 Alabama

  There is something phony going on in Yorktown subdivision in Ladonia. The board members are insulting and hostile, and it shouldn’t matter what type of day it

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