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Eckankar the path of spiritual freedom They lied about the religions formation and cunningly kept it from me because the religion is made up, and they have lied to me continuously so that I would continue to make donations to them. They have known all along that the religion is made up, yet they never ever told me, and wasted years and years of my life spending money and going in circles from made up techniques. Chanhassen Minnesota

I just cant stomach another day without expressing an outrage that eckankar continues to exist off of the pain and suffering of other people based on deceit. I

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Wild Rabbit Publications Boudica Margaret Foster-scam dont pay a cent Wild Rabbit Name and Logo are trademarks of Boudica Foster.If you are interested in publishing, editing and/or proofreading services, please send an email to We will be happy t scam and con publishing company run by margaret foster quakersville Nationwide

boudica foster runs wild rabbit publishers usa which is a scam do not part with your money!     a self publisher boudica real name margaret foster from quakersville ohio

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Dr. Nnamdi Okonkwo and Ella waltson Ella Watson contact me on Facebook using the name Randi Morris she talked to me about God and told me she had breast cancer and only two months to live she ask for my email address which I did give her she then told me how she had no children and wanted to put me as her next of kin and also leave me her five million us dollars to help the needy in Christ’s name she then sent me the info I needed to contact fidelity bank plus her secret question and answer and the batch number and also a code I would need….this sounded a bit strange to me so I googled the name she gave me for contact at the bank DR.NNAMDI OKONKWO and was led to this page…is sad people will try to run a scam using God and cancer. I’m just greatful I didn’t fall for it U.k Nationwide

 I received a request on Facebook from a lady calling herself Randi Morris she taled to me about God then ask for my email address I gave her

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