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ETACINC Terry Jenkins Promised Career Support and Resume skills through training and mentor ship. Needless to say they are hard , if not impossible to reach and although we were told it’s a small $500 dollar fee- recently he changed the membership to require a much larger payment and ” yearly “! Athens Georgia

ETACINC does not deliver on promises stated in regards to mentorship, leadership, nor training. I, like other Veterans were sold a ticket of goods from the founder Terry

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Gosidneygo gosidneygo sidney walton paul walton gosidneygo Gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo noregretstour Sidney Walton Sidney Walton Paul Walton Paul walton WWII Veteran WWII Veteran Tour the country asking for donations and money for support New york, ohio, nebraska, maine, florida

Gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo is a fraud.Warning as they claim in the GoFundMe this is not a charity I repeat this is not a legal charity. I haven’t

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