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Green dry cleaner Harvey kleinman does not want to refund my $ 5,000.00 down payment deposits . Based on what the lender said ,that my income and projections could not get me a loan of $199,900 unless I put down 20 percent. I told Harvey to refund my money so I can save in order to get the 20%,he insulted me that I will get old before I ever raise that money. He is unprofessional, easily hang up call clients and he also went up to the extent of giving bribes. Boca Raton Florida

             I was interested to open a dry cleaning business and Green dry cleaner gave me a contract which demands a $5,000.00 deposits,

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Rowe Interprise Inc. REI Do not work or sign any contracts with company as they are Greedy Fraudsters. They will have you sign a contract to this pretty decent price list that they send out with their contracts & after you sign change the prices & your agreed upon 21% will turn into 46% Hampton Florida

I was contacted to be a Property Preservation Vendor for this company at a minimum of 21% their contract has a price list attached to it that has

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