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Rollo Printers My wife purchased me a Rollo Label printer for Christmas 2017 and it has never worked. I haven’t used it once, but have spent at least 15 – 20 hours on the phone and e mail trying every fix they suggest. I thought we were just about to get a refund so i could purchase another printer from some other company. After an entire year trying to get this thing to work, i’ve been told that the quality of the print is acceptable and i should basically accept the poor quality. If i would have known they were going to rip me off, i would never have spent so much time to get it to work. I am just a little company trying to make ends meet. Seal Beach California

Rollo printing machines are junk and should not be purchased at all cost. I’ve spent 15 – 20 hours on the phone and e mailing back and forth

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