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Create Awesome Meetings GORDONSHEPPARD, GORDON SHEPPARD I signed up to this program for their meeting sh*t, expecting I’ll get something good, they sent me a course program and I paid for it but later it was just a copied text from some other sources which wasn’t even relevant at all.

Once you wign-up into their program, you’ll start getting adult related products into your Email even your E-mail connections will get those E-mails. If you mistakenly paid them

View Report » angeltoexit I’ve applied to some companies in and this was one of them and recently I’ve received an E-mail and they’re saying something like they’ve selected, me but Ill have to pay something their plans etc. and I did that. Now, they aren’t responding to me.

This is what i got –  Per your application at for Angel to Exit, upon review we identified you as a good candidate for Startup Boot Camp. I would

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