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Grant Cardone/Cardone University – Florida Grant Cardone/Cardone University Grant Cardone — “Last x hours to get this deal!”? It’s a constant trap/Lie Aventura Florida

Their sales team does’t care about their customers. All they care is their revenue!  I bought two certificates on Cardone university, each at $297. On the transaction page, they didn’t say no return , no refund, instead they say if you have any questions or unsatisfactions, contact xxxx. Less than a month later, I was at a real estate wealthexpo, and they were selling  a package with all 5 certificates with a general admission ticket to the 10X conference for $697 at real estate wealth expo. I called to ask for refund for the two certificates I bought, a toal about $600. Their accounting team relies e-mail like every 1-2 weeks, and after about a month and half E-mailing

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