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le cordon bleu Pennsylvania Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh pa Guranteed job placements and took out 2 years of federal and private student loans with high interest rates thru sallie mae even tho are school was a 16 month program. Sallie mae got into trouble which turned into navient Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

I graduated in 2007 for pci being promised that i was going to become a chef making good money.  Still paying on my federal loans and private loans

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Matthew Kenney Culinary Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney Culinary promised me a refund three month ago and I am still waiting. Their terms say I am entitled to a refund ($4,455) but Matthew Kenney’s accounting team has been ghosting me ever since. No responses via email or phone, I am disappointed and even disgusted. Venice California

Matthew Kenney Culinary ows me $ 4,455 but is ghosting.   I cancelled my participation for Level II as per Matthew Kenney Culinary’s terms and conditions. They state:”Full

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