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Newton Black Belt Academy Surrey Black Belt Academy Black Belt Academy Misled me to sign a contract, whust for “paper work” and if any time I wanted to stop, “we’d work it out”! Turned out, it was a contract that they used as a financial chokehold on us! British Columbia Surrey British Columbia

This Newton Black Belt Academy is a real scam! Got us to show our “commitment” gor a year. They said that any time we wanted to stop, we’d

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CD Young’s Karate in Henderson CD Young’s Karate in Henderson, Nevada Young’s Karate LLC CD Young Karate Charles David Young Karate Completely ignored the fact his instructor mishandled my son as well as fired my son from class after my son dedicated over 18 months of his time/life to this class because he did not want to be accountable Henderson Nevada

would like to give this business a – 10 if that were possible. There are NO safe guards protecting your children in this place. This husband and wife

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