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Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead New York Sacred Heart Academy is a private catholic school in Long Island that mistreated my daughter and other girls regarding bullying and has threats of school shooting in the building that the public was not made aware of Hempstead New York

Parents beware of Administration at Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead New York on Long Island.  Sacred Heart Academy is an all-girls preparatory school located on Cathedral Avenue, in Hempstead,

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Christine Stauffer Sara Tople Branches Homeschool Co-op Community Christine Stauffer Sara Tople Branches Homeschool Co-op Community Chandler biltmore West Valley Christine Stauffer and Sara Tople of Branches Homeschool Co-op Community are extremely rude and arrogant – Very rude!! Phoenix Arizona

We went to Branches Homeschool co-op and community for two years. We found  Christine Stauffer and Sara Tople to be extremely rude, and arrogant – Very rude!! Typical

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5 Steps Adademy International School Singapore and 5 Steps Math, Math Pilots with Alex Kuznetsov Alexsander Kuznetsov, Dr. Daddy, Doctor Papa, Dr. Alex, 5 Steps Academy, Math Pilots, 5 Steps Math Alex Kuznetsov is crook and lair thar scam people in Singapore through fake and fraudulant 5 Steps Academy International School and 5 Steps Math tuition center (former Math Pilots tutoring center at Yishun). Hi is not a Medical Doctor nor a mathimatiton with PhD. He is absolute fake. Singapore Singapore

I am disapointed parent who wants to share personal experience with 5 Step Academy International School in Singapore ( I found about this school online and sign up

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