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Dell Technologies Dell, Inc. Dell Computers Dell TVs Dell EMC Repeatedly Lied, Did not Honor Verbal Promises, Cost Me in Excess of $400 due to Gross Negligence and not Making Scheduled Delivery of Product (3 Scheduled Deliveries and 3 days Less than 2 Months to Finally Receive), Shipped Wrong Product, Has Still Not Delivered All Products – Ordered for 6 Weeks

I can’t stress enough how TERRIBLE a company DELL is.   Dell REPEATEDLY LIED to me from their managers on down, not returning calls as promised.  A manager promised

View Report » Customer Service and Technical Support Departments Dwight G, Elroy B from Level 3 Dept of Asus Customer Service Refused to give me any information such as part numbers to purchase parts from either Asus themselves or any third party suppliers of the parts inside their tablet. I told them specifically what part I needed and they said they have no access to any information on any parts in their products. I was told by their employee Cavar that Asus does not manufacture their tablets but they didn’t know who does Internet

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 6:40 PM jeff helmlinger wrote: If you are thinking of buying ant Asus Products, Don’t! I have been going around and around with

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