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sky wire tv antanna aka= dept ca. #9z1905 13725 pipeline ave. chino, ca. 91710-5417 ordered 6 antennas and they will not work at all in my location and they stated when ordering they said they would work in my location. tried to contact them to return products and was given no response from company chino california

ordered antennas in good faith because they responded they would work in my location. but, antennas will not work at all . so, icontacted company to return for

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EZ TV Digital I live in SW Florida were everything is flat . Bought their antenna and enhanced box for addl $50.00 ! With the unit as instructed I Am Only receiving 6 channels, not the near 100 as listed in the internet add 1 also on their website it lists reviews I have tried many times over the last few weeke to leave a reple, but apparently they will not let you post the problems only trumped up lies of h*e good the product is ! Englewood Florida

EZ TV Digital will not let me leave a review of their product that does not work as they claimed on their Internet add ! It is to

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