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Payoneer SCAM, they will not transfer the funds to customer account. Payoneer is complete SCAM, worst company I have ever known, missing funds, customer payment stolen by payoneer, they don’t answer and freeze the money . They are scammers, all is made from them to find always a reason not to pay the money out, Payoneer is a scam they never gave me my money alto california

Payoneer account opened. No problems in the opening, but when the money is send to the account, payoneer made up an excuse not to transfer the funds. I

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Rehma Investment Enterprises – Darlene East Rehma Investment Enterprises Rehma Investment Holdings Rehma Investment Solutions Darlene East Kent Ackerman Took Upfront Fees for Funding and Never produced funding source. Attempted to take control of business contacts for personal benefit Vancouver WA

Darlene East is in the business of attempting to scam individuals by promising funding for your business or projects.  She will ask you numerous times for upfront fees

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