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GOLD BACKED BONDS LLC LINDSAY THOMAS OLIVER, LINDSAY T OLIVER, LAURA FURNIVAL, JERALD SPENDER, JERRY SPENCER, RALPH CAREY WUNDER, RALPH WUNDER, THEORORE JAMES ROBINSON, TED ROBINSON stole a dear friends $160000 and never delivered any outcome aside from their lavish trips to barbados and florida Helena MT Montana

My close friend was approached by Ralph Carey Wunder in reference to an “asset-backed bond” that would help him retire comfortably. he spent initially $10,000 with Ralph for

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Creative Capital Partner CCP C&D Corporate Service, Inc. They took a Ministries deposit for a construction and gave the ministry and construction comapny a funding letter and left both parties without any funds. Plus they took $330,000.00 from the church. Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania

This Capital Funding Company was offering funding and charging clients for project funding security and have the ministry and construction company believe in writing that the funding was

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