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Sarasota Memorial Hospital Billing advocate Lies I was told numerous of times I was eligible to receive financial assistance with my ER bills but when the time came I never did. I tried calling the financial billing dept. and they couldn’t tell me whether or not or why or what happened. They told me to call a different department. So I did and they referred me back to billing department. One night stay ER bill = $22,000 then was told $11,000 if paid in 30 days. Then final so called deal $5,000 They would never putt anything in writing except for $22,000 bill. = all lies That went on for at least ten times back and forth and I still never figured out up until all these medical bills ARE NOW IN COLLECTIONS ON MY CREDIT SCORE THAT WERE SUPPOSE TO BE COVERED BY THE HOSPITALS FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS, THEY HAVE STILL NOT ANSWERED ME AND IM VERY FRUSTRATED WITH THERE HELP AND LIES TO CUSTOMERS. SMH is a den of thieves. There billing department is trained to scam and lie. sarasota Florida

Was conned into staying overnight for heartburn chest indigestion. I explained to the patient caseworker that I have no insurance and was told not to worry about the

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