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Leslie E Cohen Plastic surgerion I was deeply hurt for the Doctor to cancel my appointment the second time. I get the feel this Doctor is not LGBTQ friendly. For the Doctor to cancel on me twice just gave me a bad vibe. I never met the doctor. I guess me asking so much questions with the assistant to ask the Doctor just made the Doctor to clearly not take my case. I only ask if two surgeries can be performed on the same day. I feel lost and hurt cause being transgender female and trying to find nice Doctors who will take my case is hard. I feel really hurt that I cry non stop cause I didn’t know if it was me asking to much questions. Cancel my appointment twice and just get a feeling the doctor didn’t want to take my case. New York New York

This is to bring attention to the LGBTQ community who are looking for Doctors make sure they don’t cancel second time unless for personal reason or just over

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