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Win Office dba cookeville Jim Dainty dba Win Office The so-called home inspector didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Inspected in the attic he stepped off the rafter under the sheet rock and cause the 12 foot long crack in my ceiling then I tried to get him try to get a hold of him he wouldn’t answer my calls on my letters when I finally got a hold of him he tried to weasel out of owing the money for the damage she did this man in my opinion is a fraud he is not a home inspector he knows does not know what he’s doing causes damage to your property and you will not collect from him or his and so called insurance company Cookeville Tennessee

 We recently had a home inspection done by a gentleman by the name of Jim DAINTY the man did not know what he was doing. He put down

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MI&T Mold Company MI&T MOLD Inspection & Testing Nationwide Mit Mold Testing Mold Inspection & Testing MI&T Nationwide Unbiased Mold Testing Used only air sample testing which is not accurate; I asked for moisture meter and Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging which he did not bring… Peoria Arizona

Ken Foster is the Mit Mold Inspector. He visually inspected my apartment and said the whole ceiling will have to come down and be replaced. He said he

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