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Mike Glendinning, Zoester Records Mike Glendinning, doing business as the head of Zoester Records, did not honor verbal agreements with me regarding recordings he produced, attempted to take over the project and dropped me from the label when I made a reasonable objection thereto. Albany California

On June 29, 2018, I participated in an open mic showcase at Slim’s in San Francisco, California. After my set, I was approached by Mike Glendinning, a fellow

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Leslie Wood Attorney-GAL Madison County, Illinois Steel thousands of $$ to give custody over to a sexual and mental, and physical abusive step mother and father..which she ended up giving them sole custody of the abused child in Madison County- which is the most corrupt court in Illinois Glen Carbon Illinois

She doesn’t care about the child or the truth, only the millions that she makes on every case that she is illegally appointed to in Madison County, Illinois

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