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SNAP FLIP SEMINARS REAL ESTATE WORKSHOP RESPONSE.COM DEAL DESK CORE RESPONSE PC. virtual offices KEVIN WORTHY Danny Perkins, Drew Levin, Richard Layton, of SW Idaho Offering a free computer, class on house flipping, a dinner and more…access to funding, making money flipping housing in michigan and other activities that is best described as cautionary activity and untruthful and described as illegal trade practises in michigan without a liscense Under MIchigan LARA regulations and they will charge you for a class costing $1,147.00 and high presure sales tactics, baiting you for 39000.00 for additional training, that are contrary to the laws in which are in the State of Michigan and other parts of the Provo Utah

So  They lure you in with the idea of Flipping houses using inticements of the DIY network and professional names of claims that Million and Billionaires are wanting

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