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The Branch Church (located In New PHiladelphia, Ohio and Baltic, Ohio Used to be Countryside Chapel but changed name (possibly due to charges against them and as a way to hide) Church masquerades behind itself to damage youth and inflict great damage to the community New Philadelphia and Baltic Ohio

The Branch Church, which used to go by the name of Countryside Chapel, (no doubt changing it’s name to elude what was previously written about it) has been

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The russel country dhr refuses to take action against my black neighbors who have verbally assaulted their kids in their drive way have drinking and drug parties because I saw them using credit cards on the hood of their car seperating drugs but because their black they shouldn’t be held accountable but the dhr took away white peoples kids just because they had tatoos Russel county dhr I have witness my neighbors who are black verbally assault their kids and they wouldn’t be doing nothing wrong phenix city AL

My neighbors who are black not trying to be racist because I’m not but a concerned neighbor. These neighbors would have drinking and drug parties right in front of their

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