Fashion Designer Impersonation

By Category This company has copied the AllBirds website and is pretending to sell their shoes, but when you check out, your credit card or bank will get a message saying the instead of the money going to AllBirds shoe company, it’s instead going to somewhere in Beijing, China. There is nothing online about the scam yet, but they advertise on Facebook with ads that are identical to AllBirds, so it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. The pretended to be the real AllBirds company hosting a summer sale, but it has no relation to the actual company. It’s a scam. Austin Texas

This is a Chinese website that has stolen the web contents of the All Birds website and is using their web content to get customers card numbers through

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Mirroor Essentials The product was too smail and I wanted to returned it for a full refund, they refuse, I asked for a bigger size and they address to send it to, they did not send it to me. Their toll free number 800 459 6448 does not work. It asked you to leave a message and no one calls you back. I am out of $45 and shapewear I can’t use. Illinois

The shape wear was extremely small and I wanted to return it and get a refund, they refused. I asked  to exchange for e bigger size, they never

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