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Great Lakes Parent Plus Student Loan Servicer and US Dept. of Ed US Department of Ed Web address: They granted a loan fraudently in my name and SS # with a fraudulent electronic on line application in 2010. I have been fighting this since 2013, when I received a statement of monthly due payments in 2013. I have filed police reports and followed all requirements they requested per my filing of the fraud claim Madison Wisconsin

Parent plus loan abuse and mishandling of funds. Loan fraud committed for a student loan taken out on line in 2010 under my name and social security number.

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Illinois School Of Health Career I went there in 2006 still no Diploma & still paying the -The School- when I call can’t get in contact with them I’m trying to see if they closed down if so I want to go further in trying to get my money back from this school very unpleased I want to go back to school but need that information ,My Diploma, Thank you & hope to hear from you soon. Chicago Illinois

I went there in 2006 graduated in 2007. The school said I would get a job but I didnt I’m still paying and didn’t get my Diploma after

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